List of Bronze Age sites in China

List of Bronze Age sites in China

This is a list of Bronze Age sites and cultures in China, discovered from archaeologists:

*Ba-Shu (e.g. the bronzes of the village Sanxingdui in Sichuan)
*Chuxiong county, Yunnan, -5th century)
*Dongxiafeng (Shanxi)
*Erligang culture
*Erlitou culture 二里頭, first and second period (Henan)
*Feng-Hao (Shaanxi)
*Liaoning bronze dagger culture
*Lower Xiajiadian culture
*Majiayao culture
*Qijia culture
*Shajing (Gansu)
*Shizhaishan (e.g. the bronzes from the burials in Shizhaishan, Jinning county, Yunnan, from the old state Dian)
*Siba (upper reaches of the Yellow River)
*Siwa (Gansu)
*Taosi (Shanxi)
*Upper Xiajiadian culture
*Wanjiaba (e.g. the bronzes form the burials in Wanjiaba,
*Wucheng culture
*Xijiadian, lower stratum (Nord-Hebei) and upper stratum (Nord-Hebei and Liaoning)
*Xindian (Gansu)
*Xituanshan (Jilin)
*Yueshi (Shandong and Nord-Jiangsu)
*Zhukaigou culture
*Zhouyuan (Shaanxi)

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