Giorgio Parisi

Giorgio Parisi

Giorgio Parisi (Rome, August 4 1948-) is an influential Italian theoretical physicist. He is best known for his works concerning statistical mechanics, quantum field theory and various aspects of Physics, Mathematics and Science in general.

Giorgio Parisi's research focused mainly on disordered systems, in particular on spin glass modelling. He also found many applications of spin glass theory to optimization theory, Biology and Immunology. Giorgio Parisi has been awarded several honors; the Boltzmann Medal and the Dirac Medal. He is considered one of the best Italian scientists, and he is one of the two Italian physicists to be member of the American National Academy of Sciences.

Giorgio Parisi is one of the top-rated physicists on the h-index standing.


Giorgio Parisi graduated in University of Rome La Sapienza in 1970, supervised by Nicola Cabibbo. He got Professor ordinarius position in 1981 at University of Rome Tor Vergata, and in 1992 at "University of Rome La Sapienza", where he actually teaches Probability theory. He has spent several "research periods" abroad.


* Boltzmann Medal, 1992. The motivations for the Boltzmann Medal read::: "The Boltzmann Medal for 1992 is hereby awarded to Giorgio Parisi for his fundamental contributions to statistical physics, and particularly for his solution of the mean field theory of spin glasses."

* Dirac Medal and Prize, 1999. The motivations for the Dirac Medal are:::"Giorgio Parisi is distinguished for his original and deep contributions to many areas of physics ranging from the study of scaling violations in deep inelastic processes (Altarelli-Parisi equations), the proposal of the superconductor's flux confinement model as a mechanism for quark confinement, the use of supersymmetry in statistical classical systems, the introduction of multifractals in turbulence, the stochastic differential equation for growth models for random aggregation (the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang model) and his groundbreaking analysis of the replica method that has permitted an important breakthrough in our understanding of glassy systems and has proved to be instrumental in the whole subject of Disordered Systems."

*It was announced on October 16, 2007 that Parisi won the Microsoft European Science Award for his work on quantum chromodynamics and spin glasses.

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