Pink TV (US)

Pink TV (US)

Pink TV, known as Heat TV in Europe, is a television company that exclusively features pornographic content. [ [ Welcome to the Voyeurdome] , "Miami New Times", 21 September 2006] [ [ Pink TV: It's not just porn; it's Pink TV] , "AVN Online", 1 August 2005] It is based in Miami, Florida and Prague, Czech Republic and was founded in 2005 by Jan Verleur, who now serves as its director. It is currently available as pay-per-view in several European markets and as a paysite on the internet. The company produces its own content, including several adult-themed series, pornographic movies, clips and "behind the scenes" shows. The paysite also features life video streams and chat interaction with nude women.

The company is associated with the Big Sister online brothel in Prague. One of Pink TV's shows is shot in the brothel, and the two companies undertook a unique marketing campaign during the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany in the summer of 2006: they visited Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg and Cologne with their "love truck", a brothel on wheels with six prostitutes that offered customers free sex in exchange for publication rights of the recorded video. [ [ Spiegel TV Extra] , Vox, 4 May 2006. (German TV.)] [ [ Nachspiel im Rotlicht] , MDR, 27 June 2006. (German TV.)]


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