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Boleslav (William) Felix Robert Sienkiewicz (: IPA| [sɪn 'kɛvɪʧ] ; "Polish" [ɕɛn 'kjeviʧ] ; born May 3, 1958, Blakely, Pennsylvania, United States), usually referred to as Bill Sienkiewicz, is a visual artist best known for his comic books, primarily Marvel Comics' "". Sienkiewicz often utilizes oil painting, collage, mimeograph and other forms generally uncommon in comic books.

He holds the Polish noble class surname of Nobel Prize-winning Polish novelist, Henryk Sienkiewicz.


Early life and career

Bill Sienkiewicz moved with his family from Blakely, Pennsylvania to Hainesville, New Jersey when he was five years old."Marvel Age' #53 (July 1985): "The Marvel Age Interview: Bill Sienkiewicz", pp. 20-22] There he attended elementary and secondary school. He later attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts in Newark, New Jersey.

Sienkiewicz began drawing "when I was about four or five", and continued doing and learning about art throughout his childhood. His early comic-book influences include artist Curt Swan Superman comics, and artist Jack Kirby's "Fantastic Four". After art school, Sienkiewicz brought a portfolio of his work to DC Comics' art director Vince Colletta. The artist recalled in 1985,

Later career

Sienkiewicz continued as artist of the "Moon Knight" color-comics series, in 1981. Two years later, he began working on the X-Men-related series "New Mutants" with writer Chris Claremont, where his distinctive cover paintings and character design gained much attention for the series.Fact|date=September 2007 His own first writing credit was for the painted story "Slow Dancer" in "Epic Illustrated" magazine in 1986.

Sienkiewicz produced covers for a range of Marvel titles, including "Rom", "Dazzler", "The Mighty Thor", "Return of the Jedi" and "The Transformers", and drew the comic adaptation of "Dune".

He illustrated the 1986 eight-issue miniseries "" written by Frank Miller. That same year, he contributed to the "Brought to Light" graphic novel with writer Alan Moore. Sienkiewicz both wrote and illustrated the acclaimedFact|date=September 2007 miniseries, "Stray Toasters", an idiosyncratic work about a criminal psychologist investigating a series of murders. In 1988, Sienkiewicz and Moore published the first two issues of the uncompleted series "Big Numbers" Two years later, Sienkiewicz painted the "Classics Illustrated" adaptation of the novel "Moby-Dick".

Other work

In addition to his work in comics, Sienkiewicz has also worked in numerous other media. In 1995, he illustrated the biography of Jimi Hendrix, "Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix". The following year he provided the artwork for the Bruce Cockburn album "Charity Of Night", and went on to provide album covers for RZA's "Bobby Digital In Stereo" (1998) and EPMD's "Business As Usual" (1990).

He has also published a children's book, "Santa: My Life & Times (An Illustrated Autobiography)" (1998). His artwork has been published in magazines including "Entertainment Weekly" and "Spin Magazine".

In 2004, development began on a script for a "Stray Toasters" movie co-written by Sienkiewicz with Jeff Renfroe and Marteinn Thorsson.Fact|date=September 2007 Also that year, Sienkiewicz contributed to card art for VS System, a collectible card game published by Upper Deck Entertainment.

In 2006, Sienkiewicz designed the layout and art for The Venture Bros. Season One DVD set.

In 2006, Sienkiewicz teamed with Neal Adams to create art for former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters. Their artwork was utilized as video projections for live performance of Waters' "Leaving Beirut."

In 2007, he pencilled 30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow.

In 2008, Sienkiewicz illustrated a story for "The Nightmare Factory - Volume 2" graphic novel.

=Works for DC=

*"Aquaman" #52
*"Batman" #400 #533 #534
*"Batman: Black and White" #3
*"Batman: GCPD" #1-4
*"Nightwing Huntress "#1-4
*"Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins"
*"Dark Knight Dynasty" Trade Paperback
*"DC 1st" (One-Shot) Batgirl/The Joker
*"Detective Comics "#709
*"Dreams Nightmares" #1 Pin-Up
*"Endless Gallery "Pin-Up
*"Green Arrow" #109
*"Heroes Against Hunger" Pin Up
*"Rogues Gallery" Pin-Up
*"" Trade Paperback
*"The Shadow" #1-6
*"Superman" #400 Pin-Up
*"Superman" "Vol 2" #173
*"" #1-4
*"The Superman Gallery" (One-Shot) Superman #400 Stuff

Cover only

*"Question" #1-19 #21-23, Annual #1.
*"Teen Titans Spotlight" #10
*"Detective Comics "#741, #772, #773, #775
*"All-Flash" #1 (variant cover)

=Works for Marvel=

*"Alias "#7 (pages 10 & 18) #8 (pages 1, 9, 10)
*"The Avengers "Annual #16
*"Bizarre Adventures" #31
*"Black Widow" #1-6
*"Black Widow Volume 1" (Paperback with the six numbers)
*"" #3
*"Captain America: Red, White & Blue"
*"Daredevil: Love and War"
*"Deathlok Volume 2 "#11
*"Dune "Movie adaptation, "Marvel Comics Super Special" # 36
*"" #1-8
*"Epic Illustrated" #34 (Only "Slow Dancer" Story)
*"Excalibur" #27 (#83 Only The Cover)
*"Fantastic Four" #219, #221-231
*"Galactus The Devourer" #1-6
*"Gambit" #3, #4
*"Generation X" Annual 1995
*"Heroes for Hope" starring X-Men
*"The Hulk Magazine", #13-15 #17-18 #20 (Only The Moon Knight comics)
*"Kull The Conqueror "#4, (#2 Only the Cover)
*"Marvel Fanfare" #38, #42
*"Marvel Preview" #18, #21
*"The Marvel Saga" #8
*"Moon Knight "#1-15, #17-20, #22-26, #28-30, #33, Only The Covers: #31 #34
*"Moon Knight Special Edition #1-3 (Only the Moon Knight comics)
*"New Mutants #18-31, #35-38, (#17 cover only)
*"New X-Men "#127, #131
*"New X-Men "(One-Shot)
*"" #220-#229
*"Return of the Jedi" #1-4 (The cover, first page and pin-up) including The Marvel Comics Super Special cover (Graphic Novel with the four comics)
*"Spidergirl" #0 (Annual'99 cover only)
*"Spider-Man 2099 "#42
*"Stray Toasters "#1-4
*"Stray Toasters TPB
*"Ultimate Marvel Team-Up" #6-8
*"Uncanny X-Men "#159, # 287, #288, #314, Annual #6 (#195 and #252 cover onty)
*"The Wedding Album "X-Men (One-Shot)
*"What If?" #34, (#43-#47 cover only)
*"Wolverine: Inner Fury"
*"Wolverine "#10-16
*"X-Man" #9
*"X-Men Classic "#63 (From "Uncanny X-Men" #159 )
*"X-Men Unlimited" #43, (#3 cover only)
*"X-Men Vs. Dracula "One-Shot.

Cover only

*"Amazing High Adventure "#1
*"The Beauty and the Beast" #1-4
*"The Black Panther" #14
*"The Brotherhood" #1-3
*"Clive Barker's Hellraiser "#10
*"The Comet Man" #1-#6
*"Daredevil" #197, #204, #207, #338
*"The Dark Phoenix Saga "Trade Paperback
*"Dazzler" #8-9, #15-16, #18, #27-35, #42, Marvel Graphic Novel #12 "Dazzler: The Movie"
*"The Defenders" #123
*"Doom 2099" #35
*"Elektra" Vol 2 #23-#27
*"Elektra: The Hand" #1-5
*"The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones "#26
*"Fury "#1-#6
*"Ghost Rider "#58
*"God Loves, Man Kills "X-Men. Only the 1994 Trade Paperback edition.
*"The Incredible Hulk "#295, #296, #297, #301, #312
*"The Iron Manual" Trade Paperback
*"King Conan" #11
*"" #26-30
*"Marvel Graphic Novel" #8 (Super Boxers)
*"The Marvel Masterpiece Collection 2" #3
*"Marvel Spotlight "Vol 2 #6
*"The Mighty Thor" #332, 333
*The New Defenders" #125, #131, #135
*Nick Fury, versus S.H.I.E.L.D." #2
*"The Official Marvel Index To The X-Men "Vol 2 #3
*"The Power of Iron Man" Trade Paperback
*"The Punisher "Vol 2 #93
*"The Punisher Holiday Special" #2
*"Rom "#46, #47, #52-54, #68, #71, Annual 2 & 3
*"The Savage Sword of Conan" #116
*"Spider-Woman" #16
*"Starriors" #1-4 .
*"Star Wars" #92, 101
*"The Transformers" #1
*"Thor "Vol 2 #75
*"Wonderman" #1
*"X-Calibre" #3

Other works

*"The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist" #2, published by Dark Horse
*"Big Numbers" #1-2, and several pages of number 3 (not published)
*"Brought to Light"
*"The Nightmare Factory - Volume 2" graphic novel, published by Fox Atomic Comics
*"", limited edition with exclusive CD
*"" limited signed edition with exclusive CD and page outtakes
*"Bill Sienkiewicz Sketchbook" (Fantagraphics)
*"Classics Illustrated #4" - "Moby-Dick" (Berkley Publishing)
*"Trading Cards" Big Budget Circus(Eclipse Enterprises)
*"Trading Cards" Friendly Dictators (by Eclipse Enterprises)
*"Trading Cards" Coup D’Etat (Eclipse Enterprises)
*"Trading Cards" Rock Bottom Awards (Eclipse Enterprises)
*"Total Eclipse "#1-5 (cover only)
*"The Venture Bros. Season 1 DVD Set", published by Warner Home Video
*"'s Revised Edition Guide to Camarilla & Guide to Sabbat covers "


* 1981: Eagle Award, Best New Artist cite web | last | title =Bill Sienkiewicz-Awards, Exhibits | url = ]
* 1981: Inkpot Award
* 1982: Eagle Award, Best Artist
* 1983: Eagle Award, Best Artist
* 1986: Yellow Kid Award, Lucca, Italy, for "bridging the gap between American and European artistic sensibilities" cite web | last =Immagine-Centro Studi Iconografici | title =17° SALONE, 1986| url = | language =Italian ]
* 1986: The Gran Guigiri Award, Lucca, Italy
* 1987: Eagle Award, Favourite Artist (penciller)
* 1987: Kirby Award Best Artist for "Elektra: Assassin"
* 1988: March of Dimes Award, for charity work
* 1989: Haxtur Award Best Cover, for "Question" #10
* 1991: Alpe de Huiz Award, Grenoble, France
* 1992: Adamson Award, for "Daredevil", and graphic experiments
* 2004: Eisner Award Best Anthology, for contributions to "The Sandman: Endless Nights"

Sienkiewicz was twice nominated for an Emmy Award, in 1995 and 1996, for his production and character design on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?".



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