Rye (UK Parliament constituency)

Rye (UK Parliament constituency)

UK former constituency infobox
Name = Rye
Type =
Year = 1366, 1955
Abolition = 1950, 1983
members = one

Rye was a parliamentary constituency centred on the town of Rye in East Sussex. It returned two Members of Parliament to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom until its representation was halved under the Reform Act 1832.

From the 1832 general election, Rye returned one Member of Parliament until its abolition for the 1950 general election.

The constituency was re-established for the 1955 general election, and abolished again for the 1983 general election.

Members of Parliament


* 1571: Thomas Fanshawe
* 1597: Sampson Lennard
* 1604-1611: John Young
* 1604-1611: Heneage Finch
* 1621-1622: Emmanuel Gifford
* 1621-1622: John Angell




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