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Metroad 4
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Metroad 4
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Metroad 4 is a Metroad in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It connects the inner-west of Sydney with the outer western suburbs. It mostly follows what was previously National Highway 32 from the Western Distributor in the CBD, west to the Great Western Highway (Route 32) at Lapstone. Metroad 4 replaced the previous Sydney stretch of National Route 32, being the first Metroad introduced. It was proclaimed in September 1992.

Metroad 4 changes names several times as it passes through the city. Its names from the CBD to Lapstone are (bold are motorway grade): Western Distributor; Victoria Road; The Crescent; City West Link Road; Dobroyd Parade; Wattle Street; Parramatta Road; Western Motorway.

Major Intersections

From west to east, the major intersections along the route are:

Metroad 4 (M4 Western Motorway) crossing the Nepean River, shortly east of the Russel Street intersection

Western Motorway

Parramatta Road

  • Great North Road
  • Parramatta Road / Frederick Street

Wattle Street
Dobroyd Parade
City West Link

Western Distributor

M4 Western Motorway

The M4 Western Motorway was opened in stages between the early 1970s and 1993. Earlier sections predated the Metroad system, however the completed motorway was designated part of Metroad 4 and among the first uses of the hexagonal Metroad markers.

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