Hourglass (disambiguation)

Hourglass (disambiguation)

An hourglass is a device for measuring time.

The word may also refer to one of the following:


* Hourglass drum, or waisted drum


* The Hour Glass, a 1960s R&B band, featuring two later members of the Allman Brothers Band, Duane and Gregg Allman
* Hourglass (Christian rock band), founded in the 1990s by Jason Soroski


*"Hourglass" (America album), a 1994 release by America
*"Hourglass" (Kate Rusby album), a 1997 release by Kate Rusby
*"Hourglass" (album), a 1997 release by James Taylor
*"Hourglass", a 2002 album by Athenaeum (band)
*"Hourglass", a 2003 album by Glass Harp
*"Hourglass" (Fayray album), a 2004 release by Fayray
*"The Hourglass", a 2007 remix EP by Leæther Strip packaged with the box set of their album "The Giant Minutes to the Dawn"
*"Hourglass" (David Gahan album), a 2007 release by David Gahan
*"", a 2008 album by David Gahan


*"Hourglass" (song), a 1987 song by Squeeze
*"Hourglass" (Clannad song), a 1989 song by Clannad
*"Hourglass", a song by At The Drive-In from their 1998 album "In/Casino/Out"
*"Hourglass", a song by Liquid Tension Experiment from their 1999 album "Liquid Tension Experiment 2"
*"Hourglass", a song by Live Alien Broadcast from their 1999 album "Even Further"
*"Hourglass", a song by Lamb of God from their 2004 album "Ashes of the Wake"
*"The Hourglass", a song by Savatage from their 1998 album "The Wake of Magellan"

Other entertainment

*"Hour Glass", a 1946-1947 NBC television variety show
*Hourglass Studios, a visual effects studio started by Dave McKean
*"Hourglass" (1995 film), a 1995 film directed by C. Thomas Howell
*"Hourglass", a 2004 episode from season 3 of "Alias"
*The Hourglass, a supervillain character from the 2008 film, "Superhero Movie"
*The 6th episode of the first season of "Smallville"


*Hourglass Nebula, a planetary nebula
*Hourglass Sea, an early name for Syrtis Major, a feature of Mars

Women's fashion

*Hourglass corset, a type of undergarment
*Hourglass shape or hourglass figure, a description of a body shape
**See also wasp waist


*Hourglass Dolphin, "Lagenorynchus cruciger", a small dolphin found in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters
*Hourglass Toad, or Cross Toad, "Leptophryne borbonica", a species of toad native to southeast Asia


*Hourglass Device, a United States military award, attached to the Armed Forces Reserve Medal
*Hourglass Field, an early 20th Century landing field outside San Diego
*Hourglass formation, a type of formation in modern Western square dance

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*Sandglass (disambiguation)

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