Sweep (martial arts)

Sweep (martial arts)

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kanji = 足払い
hiragana = あしばらい
revhep = ashi-barai
kunrei = asi-barai
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A sweep is the name used of two types of martial arts techniques, a throw when standing, or reversal or position when on the ground.


When standing it is a technique used to take an opponent to the ground by knocking their legs out from under them, so is classed as a throw or takedown The force of the sweep either runs perpendicular to the opponent's leg or rises as it strikes the leg, lifting the foot from the ground. A sweep can be used to take the opponent to the ground or it can simply disrupt the opponent's balance long enough to make an opening for a punch or kick. In Japanese it is known as "ashi-barai".

Illustration in kick boxing

Ground work

Here a sweep is technique used to transition from a neutral or inferior position to a dominant position, such as moving from under guard to full mount, hence the alternative term 'reversal' as the dominance of positions have been reversed.


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