Indian summer (disambiguation)

Indian summer (disambiguation)

Indian summer may refer to:
* Indian summer, a name given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn, not long before winter
* "Indian Summer" (Manic Street Preachers song), a song by Manic Street Preachers from their album "Send Away the Tigers".
* "Indian Summer" (1940 song), a #1 1940 song by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
* Indian Summer (UK band), a progressive band from United Kingdom ('70).
* "Indian Summer" (Indian Summer album), a 1971 album (the first and only) of UK progressive rock band Indian Summer.
* Indian Summer (band), an early and influential emo band originally from Oakland, California.
* "Indian Summer" (album), a 2004 album by Carbon Leaf
* "Indian Summer," a 2007 solo album by jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck.
* "Indian Summer," a song from The Doors' 1970 album "Morrison Hotel".
* "Indian Summer", a minor US hit single by Audience (band)
* "Indian Summer," a song by Beat Happening from the 1988 album Jamboree covered by Ben Gibbard for the documentary Kurt Cobain About A Son.
* "Indian Summer," a song by Pedro the Lion from the 2002 album "Control"
* "Indian Summer," a manga by Takehito Mizuki
* Indian Summer Music Festival, a boutique music weekender held in Glasgow, Scotland
* Indian summer is also a novice trail on Wachussett Ski Mountain.snaga se oseca
* is a book by Alex von Tunzelmann


* "Indian Summer" (1913 film), a 1913 silent American film directed by Lem Parker and starring Eugenie Besserer
* "Indian Summer" (1960 film), a 1960 American film directed by Jules Schwerin and starring Robert Gregory
* "Indian Summer" (1987 film), a 1987 British film directed by Timothy Forder and starring Peter Chelsom
* "Indian Summer" (1991 film), a 1991 American film directed by George Kuchar
* "Indian Summer" (1993 film), a 1993 film directed by Mike Binder and starring Alan Arkin
* "Indian Summer" (1996 film), a 1996 film directed by Nancy Meckler and starring Jason Flemyng
* "Indian Summer" (2001 film), a 2001 South Korean film directed by Hyo-jeong No and starring Shin-yang Park
* "Indian Summer" (2009 film), an upcoming film about the last days of British rule in India based on by Alex von Tunzelmann.

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