Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

name = Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
native_name = Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

motto = "In Christi lumine pro mundi vita"
established = June 21, 1888
type = Private Catholic
rector = Pedro Pablo Rosso
chancellor = Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa
students = 21,121
staff = 2,300
city = Santiago
state = Santiago Metropolitan Region
country = Chile
faculties = 18
phone = +56 2 3542000
association = Chilean Traditional Universities
location = Avenue "Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins #340"
website= [http://www.uc.cl/ www.uc.cl]

The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (UC, formerly PUC) ( _es. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) is one of Chile's oldest universities and one of the most prestigious institutions in Latin America. It was founded June 21, 1888 through a decree issued by the Santiago Archbishop. Monsignor Joaquín Larraín Gandarillas was its first president. At the beginning, the university only taught two subjects: law and mathematics. However, it began to expand over the years to become what is now one of the country's most relevant higher education institutions, and a very significant university in the Americas. It is also the owner of "Canal 13".


UC was founded on June 21 1888, to offer training in traditional professions(law)and in technological and practical fields such as business, accounting, chemistry, and electricity. On February 11 1930, Pope Pius XI declared it a Pontifical University, and in 1931 it was granted full academic autonomy by the Chilean government. It is a private, urban, multi-campus university. It is one of eleven Catholic universities, and one of 25 institutions within the Rectors' Council ("Consejo de Rectores"), the Chilean state-sponsored university system.

UC's 18 faculties are distributed on four campuses in Santiago and one regional campus located in southern Chile. The technical training centers affiliated with the University are: DUOC, the Rural Life Foundations, the Baviera Foundation, the Catechetical Home and the San Fidel Seminary. These centers carry out technical-academic extension activities in rural and agricultural areas. Other UC activities are a Sports Club, a television network that broadcasts into all regions, and a Clinical Hospital dependent on the Faculty of Medicine. UC 's Graduates of the School of Architecture (probably one of the most prominent in Latin America) have also made important contributions to the country with such work as the Central Building of the UC, and the National Library.

Two of the most important students are the Jesuit Saint Alberto Hurtado and Eduardo Frei Montalva, the only Chilean President who graduated from UC. They both studied in the School of Laws.

Upon the 100th anniversary of its foundation, the PUC (UC) continues to make every effort to develop its existing facilities and institutions, as well as to make its intellectual, creative, and spiritual capacity available to the community.

Faculties & Subjects

* Faculty of Agronomy & Forest Engineering<--"carrera" in Spanish and "career" in English are not cognates; therefore, "carrera" should not be translated as "career".-->
** Agronomy
** Forest Engineering

* Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urban Studies
** School of Architecture
*** Architecture
** School of Design
*** Design
** Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies

* Faculty of Arts
** School of Visual Art
*** Visual Art
** School of Theater
*** Acting
** Institute of Music
*** Music

* Faculty of Biological Sciences
**Biology (with an academic major in Natural Resources or Bioprocesses)
**Marine Biology

* Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
*# Commercial Engineering
** Economics Institute
** School of Administration

* Faculty of Social Sciences
** Institute of Sociology
*** Sociology
** School of Psychology
*** Psychology
** School of Social Work
*** Social Work

* Faculty of Communications
** School of Journalism
*** Journalism
*** Audiovisual Direction Program
** Institute of Medical Studies

* Arts Faculty
** Arts

* Faculty of Law
** Law

* Faculty of Education
** Early Childhood Education
** Education
** General Education

* Faculty of Philosophy
** Institute of Philosophy
*** Philosophy
** Institute of Aesthetics
*** Aesthetics

* Faculty of Physics
** Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
*** Astronomy
** Department of Physics
*** Physics

* Faculty of History, Geography, and Political Science
** Instituto de Historia
*** Carrera de Historia
** Instituto de Geografía
*** Carrera de Geografía
** Instituto de Ciencia Política
*** Carrera de Ciencia Política

* Facultad de Ingeniería
** Escuela de Ingeniería
*** Carrera de Ingeniería Civil
** Escuela de Construcción Civil
*** Carrera de Construcción Civil

* Facultad de Matemática
** Carrera de Matemática
** Carrera de Estadística

* Facultad de Medicina
** Escuela de Medicina
*** Carrera de Medicina
** Escuela de Enfermería
*** Carrera de Enfermería-obstetricia
** Escuela de Odontología
*** Carrera de odontología

* Facultad de Química
** Carrera de Química
** Carrera de Química y Farmacia

* Facultad de Teología
** Carrera de Teología

* Programa de Estudios Generales
** Programa de Bachillerato en Ciencias
** Programa de Bachillerato en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
** Licenciatura General en Ciencias Naturales y Matemática
** Licenciatura General en Ciencias Sociales
** Licenciatura General en Artes y Humanidades

External links

* [http://www.puc.cl/ Official Web Site] (in Spanish)
** [http://www.puc.cl/webpuc/html/menuder/menuingles.html English language version]
** [http://www.duoc.cl/ DUOC]
* [http://www.ing.puc.cl/ College of Engineering]
* [http://www.fadeu.puc.cl/ Architecture, Design, and Urban Studies Faculty]
* [http://www.fis.puc.cl/ Physics Faculty]
** [http://www.astro.puc.cl/ Astronomy and Astrophysics departament]
* [http://www.uc.cl/letras/ Facultad de Letras]
** [http://www.uc.cl/letras/html/frames/fr_progra.html Programas de estudios. Facultad de Letras]
* [http://www.faceapuc.cl/ Economic and Management Sciences]
** [http://www.eauc.cl/ Management School]
** [http://www.economia.puc.cl/ Economics Institute]
* [http://www.uc.cl/derecho Law Faculty]
* [http://www.uc.cl/webpuc/html/menuder/facultades/histgeopol.html History, Geography & Political Science Faculty]
** [http://www.hist.puc.cl/ History Institute]
** [http://www.geo.puc.cl/ Geography Institute]
** [http://www.uc.cl/icp/webcp/index.html Political Science Institute]
*** [http://www.puc.cl/icp/revista/ Revista de Ciencia Política (Political Science Journal)]
** [http://www.puc.cl/icp/webcp/estudiosasiaticos/ Asian Studies Program]
* [http://www.facultadmedicinauc.cl/ Faculty of Medicine]
** [http://escuela.med.puc.cl/ School of Medicine]
** [http://www.puc.cl/enfermeria/ School of Nursing]


* [http://www.puc.cl/english/html/general_info/gi2.html UC.cl]

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