List of armoured fighting vehicles of World War II

List of armoured fighting vehicles of World War II

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* 7TP (132; Poland)
* 10TP (~1 prototype; Poland)


* Australian Cruiser Tank Mk. 1 "Sentinel" Cruiser tank, (65; Australia)
* AEC Armoured Car (United Kingdom)
* Alecto prototype self-propelled gun (UK)
* AMC 34 medium tank (12; France)
* AMC 35 medium tank (50; France)
* AMR 33 light tank (120; France)
* AMR 35 light tank (167; France)
* SP 17pdr, Valentine, Mk.I, Archer tank destroyer (United Kingdom)
* Armoured Carrier Wheeled Indian Pattern (India)
* SP 17pdr, A30 (Avenger) prototype heavy tank (United Kingdom)


* BA-10 armored car (Soviet Union)
* BA-20 armored car (Soviet Union)
* BA-64 armored car (Soviet Union)
* Badger flame tank version of the Ram tank (Canada)
* Carrier, Valentine, 25pdr gun Mk.I, Bishop self-propelled artillery (100; United Kingdom)
* BSA Scout Car (United Kingdom)
* BT Series of fast tanks (7000+; Soviet Union)
* BT-42 (18; Finland)


* C7P (Poland)
* C15TA Armoured Truck (3960; Canada)
* Carden Loyd Mk VI Tankette (United Kingdom)
* Char B1 heavy tank by Renault (405; France)
* Churchill (Infantry Tank IV) - UK
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk I (A9) (125; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk II (A10) (205; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk III (A13) (65; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk IV (A13 Mk.II) (655; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk V Covenanter (A13 Mk.III) (1700+; United Kingdom) (Never used in combat)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk VI Crusader (A15) (5300; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk VII Cavalier (A24) (500; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk VIII Centaur (A27L) (950; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Mk VIII Cromwell (A27M) (4200; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Challenger (A30) (United Kingdom)
* Tank, Cruiser, Comet I (A34) (United Kingdom)
* Coventry Armoured Car (United Kingdom)
* Crossley-Chevrolet Armoured Car (United Kingdom)
* CV-33, CV-35 (tankette) (Italy)


* Daimler Armoured Car (United Kingdom)
* Daimler Dingo Scout Car (United Kingdom)
* Dingo scout car (Australia)


* Ferdinand heavy tank destroyer (Germany)
* Fiat 3000 light tank derived from the Renault FT-17 (Italy)
* Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind" self-propelled antiaircraft gun (Germany)
* Flamingo (popular name for the PzKpfw II Flamm)
* Fox Armoured Car (Canada)
* FT-17 light infantry tank by Renault (1580; France)
* FT-31 FT-17 rebuild light tank by Renault (France)


* Guy Armoured Car (101; United Kingdom)


* Hotchkiss H35 tank (~400; France)
* Hotchkiss H39 tank (~692; France)
* Humber Armoured Car (United Kingdom)
* Humber Light Reconnaissance Car (United Kingdom)
* Humber Scout Car (United Kingdom)
* Hummel self-propelled artillery (Germany)


* Tank, Infantry, Mk I Matilda I (A11) (140; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Infantry, Mk II Matilda II (A12) (1900+; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Infantry, Mk III Valentine (8200+; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Infantry, Mk IV Churchill (A22) (5700+; United Kingdom)
* Tank, Infantry, Black Prince (A43) prototype heavy tank (United Kingdom)
* IS-1 "Joseph Stalin tank" (107, converted to IS-2 before issuing; Soviet Union)
* IS-2 (7600+; Soviet Union)
* IS-3 (2311 tanks produced until mid 1946, probably never used in combat during WWII; Soviet Union)


* Jagdpanzer 38(t) tank destroyer (Germany)
* Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer (Germany)
* Jagdpanzer V "Jagdpanther" tank destroyer (Germany)
* Jagdpanzer VI "Jagdtiger" heavy tank destroyer (Germany)
* JS-1, JS-2, JS-3: see Joseph Stalin tank


* Kangaroo armored personnel carrier variant of the Ram tank (100+; Canada), M4 Sherman, M7 Priest and other vehicles.
* Katyusha self-propelled multiple rocket launcher (Soviet Union)
* Kugelblitz self-propelled antiaircraft gun (Germany)
* KV-1 (9200+; Soviet Union)
* KV-2 (330; Soviet Union)
* KV-85 (130; Soviet Union)


* L5-21 (Italy)
* L5-30 (Italy)
* L6/40 (283; Italy)
* Lanchester Armoured Car (United Kingdom)
* Landsverk 180 armored car (Sweden)
* Landsverk 185 armored car (Sweden)
* Leichte Flakpanzer 38(t) self-propelled antiaircraft gun (Germany)
* Leopard (popular name for the VK1602 version of the Panzer II)
* Light Tank Mk.VI (United Kingdom)
* Light Tank Mk VII light/airborne tank commonly known as the Tetrarch tank (177; United Kingdom)
* LT vz 35 (Czech Army designation for the Skoda S-11 / Panzer 35(t))
* LT vz 38 (Czech Army designation for the CKD TNH-PS / Panzer 38(t))
* Luchs (popular name for the Ausf L version of the Panzer II)
* Lynx Scout Car (3255; Canada)


*Light Tank M1 (USA)
*Light Tank M2 (365; USA)
*Light Tank M3/M5 (22,743) Known as the General Stuart and Honey in British service. (USA)
*Carrier, Personnel, Half-track M3 Personnel Carrier (USA)
*Medium Tank M3 (~7,200) Known as the General Lee and General Grant in British service. (USA)
* M3 Scout Car (20,918; USA)
*Medium Tank M4 (58,000+;) Known as the General Sherman in British service. (USA)
*Heavy Tank M6 (40; USA) (never saw combat)
* 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 (3,490) Known as the Priest in British service. (USA)
* M8 Greyhound (8,523; USA)
* 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 (1,778; USA)
* 3in Gun Motor Carriage M10 (6,706) Know as the Wolverine in British service. (USA)
* M11-39 (100; Italy)
* M13/40 (779; Italy)
* M14/41 (~1100; Italy)
* M15/42 (82; Italy)
* 76mm Gun Motor Carriage M18 (2,507; USA)
* M20 Armored Utility Car (3,791; USA)
* Light Tank (Airborne) M22 (830) Known as the Locust in British service. (never used in combat by US, some used by the UK)
* Light Tank M24 (4,371) Known as the Chaffee in British service. (USA)
* Heavy Tank M26 Pershing (1,400+; USA)
* 90mm Gun Motor Carriage M36 (1,413; USA)
* M38 Wolfhound (USA)
* 155mm Gun Motor Carriage M40 (311; USA)
* M1917 light tank (US Production of Renault FT-17, 952)
* Marder I tank destroyer (Germany)
* Marder II self-propelled 75 mm antitank gun on a Panzer II chassis (651; Germany)
* Marder III tank destroyer (Germany)
* Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car (South Africa)
* Maultier halftrack (Germany)
* Maus (tank) super-heavy tank design (Germany)
* Möbelwagen self-propelled antiaircraft gun (Germany)
* Morris CS9 (United Kingdom)
* Morris Light Reconnaissance Car (United Kingdom)


* Nashorn tank destroyer (Germany)


* Otter Light Reconnaissance Car (1761; Canada)


* Panzer I (3,970; Germany)
* Panzer II (3,996; Germany)
* Panzer III (5,728; Germany)
* Panzer IV (11,900+; Germany)
* Panzer V Panther (~6,000; Germany)
* Panzer VI E Tiger I (1,355; Germany) "(i)"
* Panzer VI B Tiger II (485; Germany)
* Panzer 35(t) (German designation for the LT-35)
* Panzer 38(t) (German designation for the LT-38)
* Panzerfeldhaubitze 18M "Hummel" self-propelled artillery (Germany)
* Panzerjäger I light tank destroyer (Germany)


* Ram medium tank (2,993; Canada)
* R 35 (1500; France)
* Renault R40 (185; France)
* Rhino Heavy Armoured Car (Australia)
* Rolls-Royce Armoured Car (United Kingdom)
* Rover Light Armoured Car (Australia)


* S1 Scout Car (Australia)
* SdKfz 2 (Germany)
* SdKfz 7 (Germany)
* SdKfz 9 (Germany)
* SdKfz 10 (Germany)
* SdKfz 221/222/223 series of light armored cars (Germany)
* SdKfz 231/232/233/234/263 series of heavy armored cars (Germany)
* SdKfz 250 (13,000 +; Germany)
* SdKfz 251 (Models A, B and C: 4,650. Model D: 10,602; Germany)
* Australian Cruiser Tank Mk. 1 "Sentinel" Cruiser tank (65; Australia)
* Sexton self-propelled howitzer (2150; Canada)
* sIG 33 heavy infantry gun (Germany)
* SOMUA S 35 (430; France)
* Standard Beaverette armored car (United Kingdom)
* Stridsvagn m/21 (Sweden)
* Stridsvagn m/31 (Sweden)
* Stridsvagn m/35 (Swedish designation for licence built LT-35)
* Stridsvagn m/39 (Sweden)
* Stridsvagn m/40 (Sweden)
* Stridsvagn m/41 (238; Sweden)
* Stridsvagn m/42 (Sweden)
* StuG III assault gun (Germany)
* StuG IV assault gun (Germany)
* StuH 42 assault gun (Germany)
* Sturmmörser Tiger assault gun (Germany)
* Sturmpanzer IV assault gun (Germany)


* T15 based on Vickers-Carden-Loyd 6 ton light tank. (World War II)
* T-13 Models B1, B2, and B3 Similar to the T15 with a 47mm gun instead of machine gun. (World War II)
* T17 Deerhound / T17E1 Staghound armored car (~3,000; United States, weren't adopted, most were exported to UK)
* T18 Boarhound armored car (30; United States for UK)
* T-26 tank, License-built Vickers 6-ton (~12,000; Soviet Union)
* T-28 tank (~500; Soviet Union)
* T-28 Super Heavy Tank (prototype, United States)
* T-34 tank (34,000 + 18,000 T-34-85; Soviet Union)
* T-35 tank (61; Soviet Union)
* T-37 tank (1200; Soviet Union)
* T-38 tank (1,500; Soviet Union)
* T-40 (230; Soviet Union)
* T-43 tank (prototype; Soviet Union)
* T-44 tank (965; Soviet Union; probably never used in combat)
* T-50 tank (65; Soviet Union)
* T-60 tank (12,584; Soviet Union)
* T-70 tank (8,226; Soviet Union)
* T-80 light tank (120; Soviet Union)
* T-95 GMC self-propelled gun (United States)
* Tetrarch tank (common name for the Light Tank Mk. VII)
* Toldi (tank) (202; Hungary)
* TK-3 tankette (Poland)
* TKS tankette (~560; Poland)
* Tortoise heavy assault tank (6; United Kingdom)
* Turan medium tank (424; Hungary)
* Type 89 Chi-Ro (Japan)
* Type 94 TK tankette (843; Japan)
* Type 95 Ha-Go (2,375; Japan)
* Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank (2,200+; Japan)
* Type 97 Te-Ke light tank (593; Japan)


* Vickers 6-Ton light tank (Vickers Mk. E) (~150, export only; United Kingdom)
* Vickers Medium tank Mark II (160; United Kingdom)


* Wespe self-propelled 105 mm howitzer on a Panzer II chassis (676; Germany)
* Wirbelwind self-propelled antiaircraft gun (Germany)

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