PPStream is a Chinese peer-to-peer streaming video network software. Since the target user is in Chinese mainland, there is no official English version, and vast majority of channels are from Eastern Asia, mostly China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Channel varieties vary from Chinese movies to Japanese anime, sports channels, as well as American popular TV and films.

It can broadcast TV programs stably and smoothly to broadband users. Compared to traditional stream media, PPStream adopts P2P-streaming technology and supports full-scale visit with tens of thousands of users online.

Note: Apparently being an adware, it is unclear whether this software contains spyware. It does according to some sources. [ [http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/11/02/ppstream-version-21124223-streaming-p2ptv-free-download/ PPStream Version Streaming P2PTV Free Download » My Digital Life] ] It is vulnerable to buffer-overflow attacks, according to Symantec's research. [ [http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/attack_sigs/s22536.html HTTP PPStream PowerPlayer ActiveX BO] ]

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* [http://www.ppstream.com/ Official site (Chinese)]


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