Good or goods may refer to:

*Good (economics), an object or service
*Good and evil, in religion, ethics, and philosophy
*Ethic or philosophic good, an object with ethic or philosophic value
*Form of the Good in Platonic philosophy

Good can be something that benefits people! (an example would be recycling!)

In music:
*"Good" (song), a song by Better Than Ezra
*"Good" (Goodshirt album), the 2001 album by the New Zealand band Goodshirt
*"Good" (Morphine album), the 1992 nooby by the American band Morphine

In record labels:
*Good Entertainment
*Good Looking Records
*GOOD Music, Kanye West's hip hop and R&B record label
*Good Records
*Good Time Records

People with the surname Good
*Good (surname)

*Good (Polish: Dobra) - a town in Poland in Greater Poland Voivodeship in turecki county in Good commune
*GOOD Magazine
*Good Technology, a company which sells Push e-mail products for mobile phones
*Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS)

See also

*Goode, a surname
*Goodness (band)
*Value theory

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