Absolute Bliss

Absolute Bliss

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Released = 2002
Recorded = 1974-1994
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"Absolute Bliss" is a New Zealand music compilation album released in 2002 by recording label, Festival Music.

Track listing

#"Outlook for Thursday" - DD Smash
#"Something So Strong" - Crowded House
#"Sweet Lovers" - Holidaymakers
#"Room That Echoes" - Peking Man
#"Fraction Too Much Friction" - Tim Finn
#"Culture" - The Knobz
#"Computer Games" - Mi-Sex
#"Tears" - The Crocodiles
#"Out On The Street" - Space Waltz
#"Dominion Road" - The Mutton Birds
#"You Gotta Know" - Supergroove
#"Two Feet Off the Ground" - Greg Johnson Set
#"Burning Rain" - Midge Marsden
#"Slice of Heaven" - Dave Dobbyn featuring Herbs
#"New Tattoo" - Hello Sailor
#"Forever Tuesday Morning" - The Mockers
#"Cruise Control" - Headless Chickens
#"(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy" - Shona Laing
#"Sex & Agriculture" - Dance Exponents

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