Robert Greene (author)

Robert Greene (author)

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name = Robert Greene
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birthdate = May 14, 1959
birthplace = Los Angeles, California
occupation = Author
genres = Power, Seduction, Strategy, Sex
main_works = "The 48 Laws of Power", "The Art of Seduction", "The 33 Strategies of War"
influences = Machiavelli, Nietzsche
influenced = Neil Strauss, Tucker Max, 50 Cent, Jay Z

Robert Greene (born in Los Angeles in May 14, 1959) is a American author known for his books on strategy, power, sex and seduction. He attended the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received a degree in classical studies. He has worked in New York City as an editor and writer for several magazines, including "Esquire", and in Hollywood as a story developer and writer. He lived for years in London, Paris, and Barcelona. He speaks several languages and has worked as a translator. In 1995 Greene was involved in the planning and creation of the art school Fabrica outside Venice, Italy, where he began a collaboration with the New York book packager and designer Joost Elffers. This partnership resulted in several books. [Biographical information taken from "The Art of Seduction" [ website] .]

On July 11 2006, he officially launched a blog, [ "Power, Seduction and War: The Robert Greene Blog"] as one of Tucker Max's Rudius Media sites.


The 48 Laws of Power is Greene's first work to have been published by Elffers. Among the 48 are laws such as "Law 3: Conceal your intentions" and "Law 15: Crush your enemy totally". His next book "The Art of Seduction" is similar to "48 Laws" in organization and tone but goes more in-depth regarding soft persuasion. It draws on historical characters such as Casanova and Lord Byron and analyzes the methods of seduction. ' His works have sold an estimated 2 million copies worldwide. { [fact

Greene is working on a book with 50 Cent called "The 50th Law". [cite web
url =
title = The Merchant of Menace
publisher = New York Post
author = Mirchandani, Raakhee
date = 21, July, 2007
accessdate = 2007-07-23
] [cite web
url = Influences: Bragg Lorick
title = The Merchant of Menace
publisher = New York Magazine
author = Williams, Ben
date = 21, July, 2007
accessdate = 2007-08-23

Power, Seduction and War

Greene blogs on [ ""] where he writes about themes from his books and current events. He has criticized the strategy of public figures including Michael Moore, [Greene, Robert (July 15 2007). [ Only the Dull and Stupid Fight Head-on: Some Strategic Thoughts] . Accessed August 3 2007.] Bill O'Reilly [Greene, Robert (July 15 2007). [ Random Thoughts and Salvos] . Accessed August 3 2007.] and Vladimir Putin. [Greene, Robert (April 23 2007). [ Russia and Power] . Accessed August 3 2007.] On the blog, Robert has written about some of his influences, including Machiavelli who he said that he rereads once a year and John Boyd, whose philosophy he felt fit in these "ruthless times." [Greene, Robert (February 24 2007). [ OODA Loop and You] . Accessed August 3 2007.]

In popular culture

Rappers such as Kanye West and Young Buck have both rapped about Greene's tome The 48 Laws of Power, mentioning the title by name. Multi-platinum rapper Busta Rhymes once received a specially engraved cover of the book to help deal with problematic movie producers. [cite web
url =
title = Fresh Prince
publisher = The New Yorker
author = Paumgarten, Nick
date = 6 November, 2006
accessdate = 2007-08-23
] These connections eventually led to his collaboration with 50 Cent, another of Robert's 'disciples'.

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* 1998 "The 48 Laws of Power" (with Joost Elffers)
* 2001 "The Art of Seduction" (with Joost Elffers)
* 2006 "The 33 Strategies of War" (with Joost Elffers)


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