Asada Domain

Asada Domain

Asada (麻田藩 Asada-han?) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period, located in Settsu Province. It was founded by Aoki Kazushige, who had served as a vassal of Toyotomi Hideyori, but was granted Asada after the Osaka Campaign, by Tokugawa Ieyasu. The domain was rated at 12,000 koku, and remained under the rule of the Aoki clan until the Meiji era.

List of Daimyo

  • Aoki clan (Tozama; 12,000 koku)
  1. Kazushige
  2. Shigekane
  3. Shigemasa
  4. Shigenori
  5. Kazutsune
  6. Kazukuni
  7. Chikatsune
  8. Kazuyoshi
  9. Kazutsura
  10. Kazusada
  11. Shigetatsu
  12. Kazuoki
  13. Kazuhiro
  14. Shigeyoshi


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