The Clapper

The Clapper

The Clapper is a sound activated electrical switch, sold by San Francisco, California based Joseph Enterprises, Inc and marketed with the slogan "Clap On! Clap Off!". The Clapper works with any American standard electrical outlet.

Two upgrades have been made.
*The Smart Clapper allows control of two devices, based on if one claps two or three times.
*A design revision known as the Clapper Plus includes a remote control function in addition to sound-based activation.

The Clapper can sometimes be triggered by a dog's bark or clapping that emanates from televisions and stereo speakers set at high volume, making it somewhat inconvenient for households with dogs and loud appliances.

There is also an away setting on the clapper that turns on whatever is plugged into it at any detection of noise. It can also be used to turn lights on whenever a room is occupied without having to clap.

The Clapper, was issued US Patent #5493618 on July 9, 1986 and first sold to the public on September 1, 1985. [1]

The melody of the catchy jingle used in the commercials ("Clap on, clap off...") had been used earlier back in the mid 1980s for Sine-Off cold medicine, in a commercial featuring women at an army base.

In popular culture

*In the 2006 film, "Night at the Museum", when Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is at the Job agency presenting his resume, he mentions that he created "The Snapper", and that "The Clapper" stole "a bit of his thunder".

*In the 2004 film, "Garden State", when Sam (Natalie Portman)'s family and Andrew (Zach Braff) are applauding her ice skating video, the lights turn off because of their clapper, and Titembay (Ato Essandoh) has to clap twice to turn them back on.

*In the 2003 dark comedy, "Duplex", Alex (Ben Stiller) installs the clapper in Mrs. Connelly's TV so that he can turn it off from his apartment below by clapping. And so then one night the two of them go back and forth in a clapping battle, Alex turning her loud TV off, and Mrs. Connelly turning it back on, and back off, and then back on, etc.

*The Clapper appears in "Bruce Almighty" where God clapped off the lights, then recites "The Clapper" jingle.

*In the 1999 comedy "", Austin Powers (Mike Myers) claps twice to activate the "seduction lighting" in his apartment. An impressed Ivana Humpalot (Kristen Johnston) asks "Vere did you get ze Clapper?". Austin, thinking she means "the clap" replies "Dutch East Indies, shore leave."

*In the TV series Roseanne, Dan and Roseanne use a Clapper in their bedroom.

*in the movie Blonde and Blonder featuring Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson, Dee(Pamela Anderson)has the snapper in her condo.

*in an episode of the Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd n Eddy, Double-D uses a Clapper to activate his garage's lights in Eddy's dream.

*It was also featured in "The Simpsons" whereby Homer announces his desires to join the navy;

Marge: Homey, I really don't think this Navy thing is a good idea. What if you get called into combat?
Homer: Not to worry, honey. We live in a highly technological age where fighting a war is as simple as turning off a light!
"To illustrate, Homer claps his hands together twice and looks at the lamp. Having no luck, he continues clapping"
Marge: Homer, we don't have a clapper.
Homer: Sorry, I can't hear you Marge, I'm clapping.
"Homer, frustrated, throws the lamp out his window, shattering the glass and landing on the front lawn"

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