Umbundu language

Umbundu language

states=flagicon|Angola Angola
speakers=4 million
fam6=Southern Bantoid
fam7=Narrow Bantu
fam9=South Mbundu

Umbundu, or South Mbundu, (autonym "úmbúndú") is a language spoken by the Ovimbundu people in the central highlands of Angola. Umbundu is the most widespread Bantu language in Angola. About one third of Angola is represented by Ovimbundu people. Not to be confused with Kimbundu, or North Mbundu, a language classified by Malcolm Guthrie as belonging to zone H, whereas Umbundu is an R zone language.


*Schadeberg, Thilo C. (1982) 'Nasalization in Umbundu', "Journal of African Languages and Linguistics", 4, 2, 109-132.

*Gladwyn M. Childs 'Umbundu Kinship and Character: Being a Description of Social Structure and Individual Development of the Ovimbundu'. ISBN 0835732274.

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* [ "Ethnologue" report on Umbundu]
* [ PanAfrican L10n page on Umbundu]

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