Jaish al-Rashideen

Jaish al-Rashideen

The Jaish al-Rashideen group is a Sunni Iraqi insurgent group resisting against the American occupation of Iraq, taking part in many guerilla attacks against coalition forces. The group has been operating in Iraq since the middle of 2003. Since then the group has carried out multiple attacks against coalition forces, using IED's, and firing rockets and mortar bombs.

The group's goals are to end the presence of US troops in the country, and the departure of all other coalition forces in the country. The group was suspected to have joined the Mujahideen Shura Council, but so far no conclusive evidence have pointed to a connection.

On September 7th 2007 Eight Insurgency groups made a pact together and Established a new umbrella group called "The Front for Jihad and Change". The groups are:

1. 1920 Revolution Brigades2. Jaish al-Rashideen3. Jaish al-Muslimeen4. Islamic Movement of Iraq's Mujahideen5. Jund al-Rahman6. Saraya al-Dawa wa'l Ribaat7. Empowerment Brigades8. Batallions of Muhammed al-Fatih

website http://www.alrashedeen.net/ - web site has changed to unknown.

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