The term Isolation may refer to:

* Solitude, the psychological phenomenon
* Solitary confinement
* Isolation (health care), measures taken to prevent the spread of communicable disease in a patient. See also Quarantine.
* Isolation tank, sensory deprivation tank
* Isolating language, description of a language type
* Isolation effect, also known as the Von Restorff effect, psychological effect of distinctive items more easily 'remembered'
* People or tribes living in isolation from the outside world.

In politics
* Splendid isolation, British foreign policy of the late 19th century
* Encirclement, of an opposing force in warfare
* Isolationism, political phenomenon where a country removes itself from international affairs

In games and entertainment
* Isolation (poker), raise designed to encourage others to fold
* "Isolation" (film), 2005 Irish horror movie written and directed by Billy O'Brian
* "Isolation" (John Lennon song) (1970) by John Lennon
* "Isolation" (Joy Division song) (1980) by Joy Division
* "Isolation" (album) (1984), album by Toto
* "Isolation" (1996), album by Die Krupps
* Isolation (2008) by Carpathian

In other uses
* Isolation (database systems), in computer science
* Isolator switch for electrical isolation.
* Optical isolator, permitting passage of light in only one direction
* Isolation (illusion), an illusion where a ball or other object is made to appear stationary in space.
* Topographic isolation in geodesy, surveying, and mountaineering
* Speciation, separation of two populations of a species
* Isolated point in topology (mathematics)

ee also

* Insulation

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