ICA may refer to:


* Empresas ICA - a Mexican infrastructure, construction and housing corporation established in 1947.
* ICA AB - a Swedish corporate group in the food retail business, formerly named ICA Ahold AB.
* ICA AG - German camera manufacturer that merged into Zeiss Ikon in 1926.
* Insulation Council of Australia - an industry trade group
* International Collectors Associates - a precious metals dealer
* Innovative Communications Alliance


* Ica language - a Magdalenic Chibchan language related to Ijca spoken in Colombia, South America.


* Ica - a city in Perú
* The Içá River also known as Putumayo River
* The Ica Province of Perú
* The Ica Region of Perú


* Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
* Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
* Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia


* Immigration and Checkpoints Authority - Singaporean authority for immigration and checkpoints
* Independent Charities of America - represents American charities and facilitate gifts to those charities from contributors.
* Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications - an international scientific organization. Based in Winnipeg, Canada.
* Institute of Cultural Affairs - international non-profit organisation
* Institute for Connectivity in the Americas - promotes and funds innovation in information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Helped organize CARDICIS.
* Intercontinental A - a kart racing class for top drivers aged 15 and up.
* International Clarinet Association
* Irish Cycling Association
* Intermuseum Conservation Association
* International Cartographic Association
* International Christian Academy, Côte d'Ivoire - an American boarding school in Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire.
* International Congress of Actuaries
* International Co-operative Alliance - the worldwide umbrella body for co-operatives.
* International Communication Association
* International Contract Agency (fictional) - the organisation responsible for arranging hits for 47 in the "Hitman" series of games
* International Council on Archives – the professional organisation for the world archival community founded in 1948.
* Irish Citizens Army - an organisation which lasted up to 1916 to rid Ireland of British rule and protect workers.
* Irish Country-women's Association

Standards and regulations

* Individual Capital Assessment - The requirement for UK life insurance companies to follow the Individual Capital Adequacy Standards (ICAS) regime. Under ICAS a firm is required to undertake regular assessments of the amount and quality of capital which in its view is adequate for the size and nature of its business – their ICA.
* International Coffee Agreement - a United Nations pact establishing the International Coffee Organization, initially ratified in 1963.
* Interstate Commerce Act - United States legislation establishing the regulatory Interstate Commerce Commission

Science, technology, and medicine

* Independent Computing Architecture, a proprietary protocol for an application server system, designed by Citrix Systems
* Indene Carboxylic Acid - Organic acids containing one carboxylic acid group and at least one indene dimer. Such acids are often products of photochemical reactions in photoresist.
* Independent component analysis (signal processing and statistical data analysis)
* ICa (card) - a smart card ticketing system for public transport in Kanazawa, Japan
* Internal carotid artery
* Innovative Communications Alliance
* in genetics, the intercellular adhesion gene locus (ica)
* Islet cell antibodies test

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