5 AH

5 AH

5 AH is a year in the Islamic calendar that corresponds to 626 – 627 CE.

width = 500
cp=1st century BH
c=1st century AH
cf=2nd century AH

yp1=2 AH
yp2=3 AH
yp3=4 AH
year=5 AH
ya1=6 AH
ya2=7 AH
ya3=8 AH

dp3=30s BH
dp2=20s BH
dp1=10s BH
d=0s AH
dn1=10s AH
dn2=20s AH
dn3=30s AH



*Battle of the Trench
*Muhammad's Banu Mustaliq campaign


*All men and one woman of the Banu Qurayza
*Sa'd ibn Mua'dh


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