Miao, Changlang

Miao, Changlang
Miao, Changlang
—  town  —
Miao, Changlang
Location of Miao, Changlang
in Arunachal Pradesh and India
Coordinates 27°29′N 96°12′E / 27.49°N 96.20°E / 27.49; 96.20Coordinates: 27°29′N 96°12′E / 27.49°N 96.20°E / 27.49; 96.20
Country India
State Arunachal Pradesh
District(s) Changlang
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

Miao is a sub-division in Changlang district. It is located about 25 km from the Assam border.

Miao is located in a region where it gets one of the heaviest rainfall in the north-east India. The nao-dihing is the most important river flowing through Miao. The mountain range is called Patkai Bum and is the eastern extension of the Himalayas. The tall forests make the region a good haven for smugglers. The Miao region covers the towns of Diyun and Chowkham. Diyun being the stronghold of the Chakmas and Chowkham to the Khamptis. Chowkham has generated wealth from plywood business to a degree that once it was the richest village in Asia.[citation needed] Though it is low in literacy, most of the people here boast of spunky cars.[citation needed] It is a small town, but is well connected by road and has a transport station with a bus available daily.

It’s also a popular tourist location[citation needed]. The Namdapha tiger project is situated here. There is a mini zoo, a museum and various other sites to be visited. Deban is the main tourist spot, 25 km from Miao. The people here are mainly engaged in government jobs, but the people of nearby villages survive on agriculture. Jhum cultivation is very famous here, now people have started tea plantations too. It is a developing town, with about four primary schools and one secondary school.

Miao has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The main tribes in this region are the Tangsa, Singpho, and Lisu. A major chunk of Chakma and Tibetan refugees have a settlement area. It is a custom for the Tibetans to burn effigies of Chinese leaderships during the anniversary of the exile of their leader to India. To the north of Chowkham is the region inhabited by the Mismis. Their region is famous for opium cultivation because its dry mountainous landscape is very suitable to growing opium.

Miao is located at 27°29′N 96°12′E / 27.49°N 96.20°E / 27.49; 96.20.[1]


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