Scottish Hydro Electric

Scottish Hydro Electric
Scottish Hydro plc
Former type Public
Fate Acquired
Successor Scottish and Southern Energy
Founded 1989
Defunct 1998
Headquarters Perth, Scotland
Products Gas and Electricity

Scottish Hydro plc (Scottish company number SC117119) was a Public Electricity Supplier formed on 1 August 1989 after a change of name from North of Scotland Electricity plc on that date. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but merged with Southern Electric in 1998.



The company was originally formed on 1 April 1989 to acquire the assets of North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board ahead of electricity privatisation in the United Kingdom under the name North of Scotland Electricity plc. The company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in June 1991. The company then merged with the English Public Electricity Supplier Southern Electric plc to become Scottish and Southern Energy plc on the 14 December 1998.[1]


The Scottish Hydro name is now used as a brand name by SSE plc for supplying gas and electricity in Scotland and by Scottish Hydro-Electric Power Distribution Ltd the Distribution Network Operator in the north of Scotland. The power consumption of the north is largely handled by Scottish Hydro.[2]


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