Simple cuboidal epithelium

Simple cuboidal epithelium

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Caption = Transverse section of pyramidal substance of kidney of pig, the blood vessels of which are injected; a. Large collecting tube, cut across, lined with cylindrical epithelium b. Branch of collecting tube, cut across, lined with cubical epithelium c, d. Henle’s loops cut across e. Blood vessels cut across. D. Connective tissue ground substance.

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Simple cuboidal epithelia are epithelial cells with a cuboidal shape arranged in a single layer. Simple cuboidal epithelia is found on the surface of ovaries, the lining of nephrons, the walls of the renal tubules, and parts of the eye and thyroid.

On these surfaces, the cells perform secretion and absorption.


These cells provide protection due to their boxy appearance and may be active (pumping material in or out of the lumen) or passive, depending on the location and cellular specialization.

They are also found in kidney tubules, glandular ducts, ovaries, and the thyroid gland. Simple cuboidal cells are found in single rows with the nuclei in the center of the cells and are directly attached to the basal surface. These cells offer some protection and function in absorption and secretion.

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~located in the glands and kidney


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