Bala has several meanings:


* Bala - In general, in many Indian languages it stands for 'The Young'


* Bala (biblical), another name for Segor or Zoara, one of the Old Testament "Cities of the Plain"
* Bala, Ankara, a suburb and a metropolitan district of Ankara, Turkey's capital.
* Bala, Greece, a suburb of Athens, it is also a Modern Greek word for ball.
* Bala, Mehedinţi, a commune in Mehedinţi County, Romania
* Băla, a commune in Mureş County, Romania
* Bala, Senegal
* Bala, Ontario, Canada.
* Bala, Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom.
** Bala Lake, the largest natural lake in Wales.
** Bala Series of geologic beds in Bala, Wales.
* Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, a conglomerate of the suburbs Bala and Cynwyd of Philadelphia
* Bala, India, a small village near Dasua City, Distt-Hoshiarpur, Punjab (India).
* Bal'a, Palestine, a town near Tulkarm in the West Bank


* Bala, the spiritual powers possessed by a Buddha or bodhisattva.
* Bala (strength), attribute of the Hindu god Vishnu


* Bala (clan), a Jatt Sikh surname.
* Bala (actor), a South Indian film actor
* Bala (director), a south Indian film director.
* Krystian Bala, convicted Polish murderer and author


* Bala shark ("Balantiocheilos melanopterus"), a semi-aggressive minnow from Southeast Asia, somewhat common as an aquarium fish.
* A common name for Country Mallow ("Sida cordifolia"), especially when used as an ayurvedic medicine
* Bala (film), a documentary by Satyajit Ray

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