Paula Red (apple)

Paula Red (apple)

Paula Red is a natural mutation of the McIntosh apple that ripens late in the summer.

Appearance and Flavor

Paula Red apples are bright red with some yellow and tan spots; the skin often has a dusty sheen. They have a sprightly taste, not too sweet and not too tart, vinous and slightly reminiscent of strawberries. It has a firm white flesh that becomes soft and mealy extremely quickly as its season declines. Paula Red apples are suitable for both eating fresh and cooking, although they become extremely soft when cooked, which suits them to some dishes (applesauce) and not others (pies).


Paula Red apples were discovered around 1960 by grower Lewis Arends near a McIntosh block in his orchard in Ravine Sparta Township, Kent County, Michigan. He named the apple after his wife, Pauline. Paula Reds appeared on the market as a distinct cultivar in 1968. [ [ Greenridge Fruit, Inc. > Products > Apples > Paula Red ] ]


The Paula Red apple is available from late August into October. It ripens with, and is often mistaken for, Tydeman's Early Worcester, another variety of McIntosh. [ [ Hidden Hollow Orchard Apple Varieties - Paula Red ] ]


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