Zoque languages

Zoque languages
O'de püt
Spoken in Mexico
Region Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tabasco
Native speakers >90,000  (date missing)
Language family
  • Zoque
Language codes
ISO 639-3 variously:
zoc – Copainalá Zoque
zoh – Chimalapa Zoque
zor – Rayón Zoque
zos – Francisco León Zoque
zoq – Tabasco Zoque
poi – Sierra Popoluca
poq – Texistepec Popoluca
xep – ? Epi-Olmec

The Zoque languages are languages of the Zoquean branch of the Mixe–Zoquean language family indigenous to southern Mexico.

The Zoque languages are spoken in the in northern Chiapas and far eastern Chiapas around Chimalapa, and in Ayapa Tabasco altogether by around 88,000 indigenous Zoque people. The Zoques call their language O'de püt.

The other languages of the Zoquean branch are Soteapanec Zoque and Texistepec Zoque and Ayapa Zoque.

Zoque-language programming is carried by the CDI's radio station XECOPA, broadcasting from Copainalá, Chiapas.


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