List of extraterrestrial volcanoes

List of extraterrestrial volcanoes

This is a list of active, dormant and extinct volcanoes located beyond planet Earth. They may be designated mons (mountain), patera (an irregular crater) or tholus (small mountain or hill) in accordance with the International Astronomical Union's rules for planetary nomenclature.


Volcanoes on Io, a moon of the planet Jupiter, are believed to eject sulfur or possibly sulfur dioxide.
* Dazhbog Patera
* Loki Patera
* Pele
* Prometheus
* Ra Patera
* Tvashtar Paterae


* Alba Patera
* Albor Tholus
* Arsia Mons
* Ascraeus Mons
* Biblis Patera
* Elysium Mons
* Hecates Tholus
* Olympus Mons
* Pavonis Mons
* Syrtis Major
* Ushas Mons
* Ulysses Patera


* Maat Mons
* The Tick
* Sapas Mons
* Sacajawea Caldera
* Ushas Mons

Earth's Moon

* Lunar mare; see List of maria on the Moon
* Lunar dome
* Mons Rümker
* Mons Hansteen


Many of Mercury's basins contain smooth plains, like the lunar mare, that are believed likely to be filled with lava flows. Collapse structures possibly indicative of volcanism have been found in some craters. [ [ MESSENGER views an intriguing crater] , NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington, 2008-01-20.] Eleven volcanic domes were identified in Mariner 10 images, including a 7-km high dome near the centre of Odin Planitia. [Katterfeld, G. N. (1984). [ Volcanism on Mercury] , Bulletin of Volcanology, Volume 47, Number 3, 531-535. DOI|10.1007/BF01961224]

Other planets and moons

* Many on Triton, a moon of the planet Neptune, that are believed to eject liquid nitrogen, dust, or methane compounds.
* Reports from NASA's Cassini-Huygens mission suggest that Saturn's moon Titan may have volcanoes that eject water, such as Ganesa Macula.

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* [ Volcanoes of Other Worlds] , Volcano World
* [ Solar System Volcanoes] , Volcano Live

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