Andriy Livytskyi

Andriy Livytskyi

Infobox_President|name=Andriy Livytskyi
Андрій Миколайович Лівицький

order= 1st President of UPR in exile
term_start=May, 1926
term_end=January, 1954
predecessor=Symon Petliura
successor=Stepan Vytvytskyi
birth_date=birth date|1879|4|9|df=y
birth_place=Lyplyavo, Russian Empire
death_date=death date and age|1954|1|17|1879|4|9|df=y
death_place=Karlsruhe, Germany

Andriy Mykolaiovych Livytskyi ( _uk. Андрій Миколайович Лівицький) (9 April, 1879 in Lyplyavo in the Russian Empire (now Ukraine) [The area where Andriy Livytskyi was born was in the Zolotonoshsky Uyezd of the Poltava Governorate, now the Cherkasy Oblast of central Ukraine.] — 17 January, 1954 in Karlsruhe, Germany) was best known as the president of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile (1926-1954).


Andriy Livytskyi was born on 9 April, 1879 in Lyplyavo, Russian Empire ("now Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine") into an old Cossack family. He finished the "Gymnasium of Pavlo Halahana" in Kiev, and later went on to study at the mathematical and juridical faculties of the St. Volodymyr Kiev University in 1896. After obtaining his university diploma in 1903, he served in the Lubny Circuit Court, and then, since 1905, he was a barrister of the Kharkiv Court Chamber, and in 1913–1917 an elected judge of Zolotonoshskyi Raion in the Poltava Governorate. In his studential years, he took part in the Ukrainian independence movement, heading the one of the organization's bases in Kiev. In 1897 and 1899 he was held in the Lukianivska Prison in Kiev for participation in protests. He was expelled from the university and exiled to Poltava Governorate "under the secret surveillance of police" for taking part in the student's strike of 1899.

From 1901, he belonged to the Revolutionary Party of Ukraine, heading the party in its headquarters in Lubny. Since 1917, he was a member of the Tsentralna Rada ("Central Rada") and the "Peasant Union". In the period of the Hetmanate (1918), he was a member of the Ukrainian National Union, in opposition to the government of Pavlo Skoropadskyi. In the time of the Directorate of Ukraine, he was one of the founders of the party, "Labour Congress of Ukraine". He was the Minister of Justice and the deputy of the "Rada of National Ministers of the UPR" in 1919, the head of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Ivan MazepaThis Ivan Mazepa is not to be confused with Ivan Mazepa, a Cossack Hetman in the 17th-18th centuries.] in 1919, and from October 14 to November 18, 1920 – a Prime Minister of the Ukrainian People's Republic.

Since October 1919, he was in the delegation of Ukrainian diplomats in Warsaw, where he was working on the formation of the Ukrainian-Polish agreement, which was signed in 1920. After the defeat of Ukrainian nationalistic-independence movement, he was forced to emigrate. From 1920-1948, he was the head of the government of the Ukrainian People's Republic ("UPR") in exile. After Symon Petliura's assassination, he became the head of the Directorate of Ukraine and assumed the post of the "Chief Otaman" of the Ukrainian People's Republic Army in exile in 1926.

Since that time to the time of his death, he headed the government of the UPR. He lived in Warsaw under constant watch of the Polish Police. After the end of World War II, Livytskyi had goals of consolidating his political activities, and reorganizing the government of the UPR in exile, which its first session was opened on July 16, 1948 in Augsburg, Germany. In cooperation with Ivan Mazepa,This Ivan Mazepa is not to be confused with Ivan Mazepa, a Cossack Hetman in the 17th-18th centuries.] he created the "Ukrainian National Rada" in exile in 1948.

He died on 17 January, 1954 in Karlsruhe, Germany, and was later buried in a cemetery in Munich and later his ashes were transferred to Ukrainian Memorial Cemetery in Bound Brook in the vicinity of New York City, United States.

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