North Bačka District

North Bačka District
Severnobački okrug
Севернобачки округ
Észak-bácskai körzet
—  District of Serbia  —
Location of North Bačka District in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Capital Subotica
 – Commissioner Zoran Prćić
 – Total 1,784 km2 (688.8 sq mi)
Population (2002 census)
 – Total 200,140
 – Density 112.2/km2 (290.6/sq mi)
Municipalities 2 and 1 city
Settlements 45
- Cities and towns 3
- Villages 42
North Bačka
Flag of Serbia.svg
Map of North Bačka District
Ethnic map of North Bačka District

North Bačka District (Serbian: Севернобачки округ, Severnobački okrug; Hungarian: Észak-bácskai körzet; Croatian: Sjevernobački okrug; Slovak: Severobáčsky okres; Rusyn: Сивернобачки окрух; Romanian: Districtul Bacica de Nord) is a northern district of Serbia. It lies in the Bačka region in the autonomous province of Vojvodina. It has a population of 200,140. The seat of the district is Subotica.



The North Bačka District comprises three municipalities and 45 local communities.

The municipalities are:


The population of the district is ethnically mixed. According to the 2002 census data, it is composed of:

(*) Total number of South Slavs (Serbs, Croats, Bunjevci, Yugoslavs, Montenegrins) that live in the district is 98,025 (48.96%).

Languages spoken in the district:

(*) Total number of speakers of South Slavic languages (Serbian and Croatian) that live in the district is 97,429 (48.68%).


  • Roman Catholic = 117,456 (58.69%)
  • Orthodox = 55,028 (27.50%)
  • Protestant = 9,844 (4.92%)
  • Other.

Two municipalities have Hungarian ethnic majority: Bačka Topola (58.94%) and Mali Iđoš (55.92%), while one municipality (Subotica) is ethnically mixed. Population of Subotica is composed of: Hungarians (38.47%), Serbs (24.14%), Croats (11.24%), Bunjevci (10.95%), Yugoslavs (5.76%), Montenegrins (1.25%), and others.

As for local communities, 20 have Hungarian majority, 15 have Serb majority, 7 have Croatian/Bunjevci majority, 1 has a Montenegrin majority and 2 are ethnically mixed, with Hungarian relative majority.

Religions and Churches

Subotica is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious center; in addition to the major Roman Catholic and Serb Orthodox communities, there are nearly thirty other small-size religious communities in the town. The most remarkable religious buildings are the Cathedral of St Teresa of Avila from 1797, the Franciscan Monastery from 1723, the Orthodox Church from the 18th century, the Synagogue and Orthodox Church in Aleksandrovo, both from the 17th century.


In keeping with its very rich resources, the region's food processing industry is well developed. The best examples are "29 novembar" meat industry, "Pionir" Sweets Factory and "Fidelinka" bread and flour products factory. Subotica ranks among the leading communities in Serbia when it comes to crop (maize, wheat and sunflower) yields.

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