The adjective Mayan is sometimes used to refer to the indigenous peoples of southeastern Mexico and parts of Central America, such as Guatemala; their culture, language, and history. More formally, the use of "Mayan" is restricted to referring to an aspect of their languages; "Maya" is the adjectival form preferred when referring to non-linguistic aspects.

Mayan may also refer to:

  • Maya civilization - dealing with the historical pre-Columbian Maya civilization, culture, history and archaeology
  • Maya architecture
  • Maya religion - the religious practices of the Maya civilization
  • Maya mythology - the myths and legends of the Maya civilization
  • Maya peoples - collective designation for the various indigenous peoples of the region, sharing cultural and linguistic heritage
  • Maya society - social constructs and practices of the Maya civilization
  • Mayan languages - a language family of related languages traditionally spoken by the Maya peoples
  • Yucatec Maya language - a specific Mayan language, often referred to simply as 'Mayan' (or Maya)
  • Maya script - the writing system in use by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization

Other meanings

  • Maayan - an Israeli poems and art magazine.
  • Maians – a fictional alien race in the video game, Perfect Dark
  • Mayan Records maybe the name of a record company, which is an imprint of Sanctuary Records
  • Mayan (Iran) - a village near Tabriz, Iran
  • Mamuni Mayan - Dravidian culture hero
  • Mayan stage - a Cambrian Faunal stage that occurred during the end of the Middle Cambrian.
  • Mayans, a fictional biker gang in the TV series Sons of Anarchy
  • MaYaN, a Dutch symphonic metal band

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