Viivi Avellan

Viivi Avellan

Viivi Elina Avellan (born June 3, 1977) is a Finnish journalist and television hosting entrepreneur(Awell Entertainment Oy). She used to work as a sport news hostess for television channel Nelonen. Today she is the hostess for entertainment news on MTV3 television channel.

In 2004 Avellan was a candidate in European Parliament elections for the rightist National Coalition Party.

In 2006 Avellan published a book called 'Sinkkunaisen käsikirja' (Handbook for single women, ISBN 951-31-3727-9).

In April 2008 Avellan made headlines with her allegedly racist comments. When asked on this on an interview on Radio Rock she described her taste in men "aryan" with blue eyes and "north of Berlin", and that she didn't like "mocca dicks" and "southern fruits." [ [ Viivi paikkaili arjalaisläppäänsä vielä rasistisemmin] , Iltasanomat fi] [ [ Viivi lipsautteli rasistisia kommentteja] , Iltalehti]


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