London Climate Change Agency

London Climate Change Agency

The London Climate Change Agency Limited (LCCA), a municipal company owned by the London Development Agency (LDA) that works in partnership with private sector companies (notably EDF Energy) to design, finance, construct, own and operate decentralised low energy and zero-carbon projects for London, as well as providing services to others. It operates in the areas of energy, water, waste and transport.

The Agency was launched on 20 June 2005 to implement a manifesto commitment by Ken Livingstone in the 2004 elections for the Mayor of London. Its budget for 2006-07 is £815,000, 63% of which is funded directly by the LDA [] . The Chief Executive Officer is Allan Jones, who previously led the development of the pioneering sustainable community energy system in Woking. The London Climate Change Agency plans to create a similar system for London.

As of 2006, London produces 7% of the UK's carbon emissions [] . The LCCA is seen as one of the key vehicles for delivering the Mayor's energy strategy [] , which targets cuts in these emissions of 20% by 2010 and 60% by 2050 (although achieving the first of these targets is unlikely). The Agency is also expected to play a role in ensuring that the London Olympic games are the first to be powered by low carbon technology [] .

Renewable energy installations

The LCCA has received planning permission for a number of renewable energy installations including:
*Solar photovoltaic cells at City Hall []
*The UK's first combined photovoltaic and wind turbine system at the Palestra building, Blackfriars Road []

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In the media

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