Ball (disambiguation)

Ball (disambiguation)

A ball is a spherical or ovoid object typically used in games.

In games:
* Bungee ball, a toy
* No ball, in cricket, an illegal delivery of the ball to the batsman by the bowler
* Ball (baseball), a pitch at which the batter does not swing and which does not pass through the strike zone
* Ball games

In mathematics and science:
* Ball (mathematics), the solid interior of a sphere
* "Buckyball", a fullerene molecule
* Newton's balls, also known as Newton's cradle, is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy, named after Sir Isaac Newton.

In objects:
* Balls, a slang term for testicles
* Round shot, a projectile fired from guns and cannons
* A collection of insects, especially bees, used in collective defense against larger insects such as predatory wasps - see honey bee defense
* Ben Wa balls, used for massage and meditation purposes, as well as a sex toy
* RB-79 Ball a fictional weapon from the anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam"
* Bauble or ball, a common type of Christmas ornament

In places, organizations:
* Ball, Louisiana, a city in the United States
* Ball Corp., a U.S. packaging manufacturer
* Ball State University
* Blue Ball, Pennsylvania, USA
* a defunct American automobile company (before 1926), see Ball (automobile company) [Clymer, p.205.]

In other uses:
* Ball (anatomy), a bottom part of the foot
* Slang for testicles.
* Ball (crater), a lunar crater
* Ball (dance), a social gathering
* Balls (TV channel), a Philippine Sports Channel carried by SkyCable
* BALL (Biochemical Algorithms Library), C++ library containing common algorithms used in biochemistry and bioinformatics
* "Ball" (Iron Butterfly album), a 1969 album by Iron Butterfly
* "Ball", a 2002 album by Napoleon Murphy Brock
* Ball (name), list of people with the surname Ball
* "Ball" (Widespread Panic album), a 2003 album by Widespread Panic
* "Balls" (Elizabeth Cook album), a 2007 album by Elizabeth Cook
* Bawls, a high caffeine soft drink
* Balls, a UK rock group 1969-1971, see Trevor Burton
* Ed Balls, a British politician


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