Gregori Maximoff

Gregori Maximoff

Grigori Petrovitch Maximoff (1893-1950) was a Russian born anarcho-syndicalist who was involved in Nabat, a Ukrainian anarcho-syndicalist movement. Along with several other anarchists, he was imprisoned on 8 March 1921 following a Cheka sweep of anarchists in the area. After a hunger strike attracted the attention of visiting syndicalists, Maximoff was one of the 10 anarchists who were released from prison and deported.

Maximoff wrote a book entitled "The Guillotine at Work: Twenty Years of Terror in Russia" about Bolshevik repression of anarchists and syndicalists after the Russian Revolution of 1917.

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* "Bolshevism: Promises and Reality : An Appraisal of the Results of the Marxist Dictatorship over Russia"
* "Constructive anarchism"
* "The Guillotine at Work: Twenty Years of Terror in Russia"
* "My social credo"
* "The political philosophy of Bakunin: scientific anarchism" (editor)
* "The program of anarcho-syndicalism"
* "Syndicalists in the Russian Revolution"

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