Bounty (chocolate bar)

Bounty (chocolate bar)

Bounty is a chocolate bar manufactured by Mars, Incorporated and sold internationally.

It has a coconut filling covered with milk chocolate (sold in a blue wrapper) or dark chocolate (sold in a red wrapper) and is one of the few chocolates to come wrapped in two individual halves. Since 2006, a Cherry flavoured version has also been available in Australia. This was originally a Limited Edition flavour, but then became officially available permanently. In Europe, a limited edition Mango flavour was available in 2004-05.

Its television advertising has tended to feature scantily clad young men and women on tropical beaches with Coconut Palms.

Although Mars is an American company, Bounty bars are only available in limited locations. New York City's newstands, delis, and some grocery stores often carry Bounty bars. They are also available for purchase online through various outlets. A similar coconut filled chocolate bar is sold in the US under the name Mounds produced by Hershey's.


* When former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein was captured by American forces in 2003, several Bounty bars (accompanied only by hot dogs and 7 Up) were found in the refrigerator of the farm house in which he was hiding.cite news |url= |first=Colin |last=Freeman |coauthors=Chamberlain, Gothin |title=From lavish palaces to a hole in the ground |work=The Scotsman |date=16 December 2003 |accessdate=2006-09-23]
* The Bounty dark chocolate bars that are made in Belgium contain traces of wheat, whereas those made in the United Kingdom do not.
* A miniature version of the Bounty bar is found in Mars' Celebrations.
* Bounty sponsored the ITV show "Love Island" in 2006.
* The British comic character John Shuttleworth makes repeated references during his act to the removal of the cardboard tray from the product much to his chagrin.
* Bounty was referenced in the television show "The Mighty Boosh" in which Noel Fielding's character Vince Noir, eating coconuts, exclaims "These things are amazing. They taste exactly like Bountys!", then laments "the chocolate's a bit weird, though".
* The advertising slogan for Bounty is "the taste of paradise". The famous tropical island commercials were filmed in Vai on Crete.


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