Daniel Ross (Australian philosopher and filmmaker)

Daniel Ross (Australian philosopher and filmmaker)

Daniel Ross (born 1970) is an Australian philosopher and filmmaker. Ross is best known as the author of [http://books.google.com.au/books?id=Y4ogMAUlEksC&printsec=frontcover&dq=intitle:Violent+intitle:Democracy&lr=&as_brr=0&ei=FMgVSLrQI4KMsgPg1p2WCA&sig=nvy65s241WQ2iG2kArAQSRxPHuI "Violent Democracy"] (2004) and the co-director with David Barison of the film "The Ister" (2004).

Ross obtained his doctorate from Monash University under the supervision of [http://arts.monash.edu.au/politics/staff/mjanover.php Michael Janover] . It was entitled [http://arrow.monash.edu.au/vital/access/manager/Repository/monash:6201?start=61&expert=title%3a%22Heidegger+and+the+question+of+the+political%22 "Heidegger and the Question of the Political"] (2002) and focused in particular on two of Heidegger's lecture courses, "Plato's Sophist" and "Hölderlin's Hymn "The Ister"".

Ross's recent work is influenced by Bernard Stiegler, and he is a co-translator of several texts by Stiegler.

In addition to Stiegler and Heidegger, Ross has written on Jacques Derrida, Giorgio Agamben, Stanley Cavell, Irving Singer, Leo Strauss, Roger Scruton, Isabelle Stengers, Noel Pearson, Gerald Murnane, Arakawa and Madeline Gins, Yvonne Rainer, Abbas Kiarostami, and Ingmar Bergman, among others.

Ross's father's uncle was Charles Goren.


*"The Ister" (2004). Co-directed with David Barison. [http://www.theister.com/ Official site] .

Presentations and appearances

*"Transformations of Aristotle in Bernard Stiegler," (July 1, 2008), [http://www.iapl.info/ International Association for Philosophy and Literature] , RMIT University; (July 11, 2008), [http://www.derridatoday.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/final-dt-conference-program3.pdf Derrida Today] , Macquarie University.
* [http://www.sapo.org.au/event/event8004.html "Spirit, Technics and Politics in the Work of Bernard Stiegler"] (October 19, 2007), at the University of Adelaide, as invited speaker.
*"Philosophical Approaches to the Northern Territory 'National Emergency': Giorgio Agamben, Stiegler and Noel Pearson" (October 10, 2007), at Monash University.
* [http://www.german.duke.edu/The%20Ister%20flyer.pdf "From Philosophical Cinema to Cinematic Politics"] (September 28, 2007), at Duke University, as invited speaker for a symposium devoted to "The Ister".
* [http://www.acis.org.au/NewEuropeDetails/Abstracts%20-%20New%20Europe%20Conference%20RELEASED%20(28Mar).pdf "Constitution and Motivation: Bernard Stiegler on the Invention of Europe"] (April 13, 2007), at the conference, "New Europe, New Governance, New Worlds?", Monash University.
* [http://www.architecturephilosophy.rmit.edu.au/2006.htm#june "On the Materiality of the Trace"] (June 8, 2006), Architecture + Philosophy Program, RMIT University, as invited speaker.
* [http://www.phil.mq.edu.au/events05.htm "Fishponds and Rivers: Heidegger, Stiegler, Murnane"] (November 8, 2005), Macquarie University, as invited speaker.
* [http://politicsofspace.tce.rmit.edu.au/Keynote.htm "Passages to Immortality: Arakawa and Gins, Stiegler, and September 11"] (July 1, 2005), keynote address at the symposium, "The Politics of Space in the Age of Terrorism," RMIT University.
* [http://sydneyseminar.org/promo/Seminar5.pdf "Thought, Image, America"] (June 22, 2005), contributor to seminar on "Is it Possible to 'Think' in Images Rather than Words?," Sydney Film Festival.
* [http://www.blackjelly.com/nyc/features/wheretofromhere.htm "Where to From Here?"] (December 15, 2004), Trades Hall, Melbourne.
* [http://www.theister.com/news.html "Heidegger in Australien: Ein Film von den Antipoden über Heidegger und Hölderlin"] (November 28, 2004), episode of the German television program, "Prime Time" (Ross and Barison interviewed by Alexander Kluge).
* [http://arts.monash.edu.au/cclcs/pgrad/colloquia/colloquia-2004.php#ross "Accompaniments: On "The Ister"] (November 17, 2004), Monash University.
* [http://www.abc.net.au/rn/latenightlive/stories/2004/1199122.htm "Violence and Democracy"] (September 14, 2004), Late Night Live.


*"Politics, Terror, and Traumatypical Imagery," in Matthew Sharpe, Murray Noonan & Jason Freddi (eds.), [http://books.google.com.au/books?id=17mUKwAACAAJ&dq=trauma+history+philosophy&ei=4XoVSLavC5LKsQP9zoGaCA "Trauma, History, Philosophy"] , Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007. ISBN 1-847-18378-6
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* [http://www.theage.com.au/news/opinion/a-civil-war-by-any-other-name-would-be-the-same/2006/04/17/1145126052534.html "A Civil War by Any Other Name Would Be the Same"] , "The Age", April 18, 2006.
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* [http://arrow.monash.edu.au/vital/access/manager/Repository/monash:6201?start=61&expert=title%3a%22Heidegger+and+the+question+of+the+political%22 "Heidegger and the Question of the Political"] (2002).
* [http://www.metromagazine.com.au/magazine/backisues.asp?keywords=daniel+ross&Submit=Search "Review of Ingmar Bergman, "Scenes from a Marriage"] , "Metro Magazine" 120 (1999).

Co-translations of texts by Bernard Stiegler

*"Acting Out" (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008, forthcoming). A translation of two short books, "Passer à l'acte" and "Aimer, s'aimer, nous aimer: Du 11 septembre au 21 avril". With David Barison and Patrick Crogan. ISBN 0-8047-5869-7
* [http://www.arsindustrialis.org/Members/pcrogan/disaffectedindividual "The Disaffected Individual"] . An extract from "Mécréance et Discrédit: Tome 2, Les sociétés incontrolables d'individus désaffectés". With Patrick Crogan.
* [http://www.arsindustrialis.org/Members/bstiegler/prendresoin-en "Take Care"] . With Suzanne Arnold.
* [http://www.arsindustrialis.org/Members/pcrogan/document.2007-02-05.7103137277/view "Desire and Knowledge: The Dead Seize the Living"] . With George Collins.

Secondary literature

Note: see the entry on "The Ister" for secondary literature on the film.
*Carnahan, Kevin, "Review of "Violent Democracy"," "The Heythrop Journal" 49 (2008): 525–6.
*Sharpe, Matthew, [http://www.borderlands.net.au/vol4no1_2005/sharpe_democracy.htm "Democracy's Violent Heart"] , "borderlands" 4:1 (2005).
*Zurawski, Nils, "Violence and Democracy," "Ethnopolitics" 5 (2006): 191–8.

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