Anderson (or Andersson) may refer to:


* Anderson (surname)
* Anderson (footballer) can refer to several association football players


In Canada:
* Anderson, British Columbia
* Anderson Bay, British Columbia
* Anderson Bay Provincial Park, British Columbia
* Anderson Lake (British Columbia)
* Anderson Subdivision, British Columbia
* Anderson Bay, Manitoba
* Anderson Lake, Manitoba
* Anderson, New Brunswick
* Anderson Road, New Brunswick
* Anderson Settlement, New Brunswick
* Anderson Mountain, Nova Scotia
* Anderson River (Northwest Territories)
* Andersons Landing, Northwest Territories
* Anderson's Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador
* Anderson Bay, Nunavut
* Anderson, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario
* Anderson, Perth County, Ontario
* Anderson Lake, Ontario
* Anderson Lake Station, Ontario
* Anderson Township, Ontario
* Anderson, Quebec

In Australia:
* Anderson, Victoria

In New Zealand:
* Anderson's Bay, a suburb of Dunedin

In the United Kingdom:
* Anderson, Dorset

In the United States of America:
* Anderson, Alabama
* Anderson, Alaska
* Anderson, California
* Anderson, Indiana
** The Anderson Packers, basketball team
* Anderson, Missouri
* Anderson, South Carolina
* Anderson, Texas
* Anderson, Burnett County, Wisconsin
* Anderson, Iron County, Wisconsin
* Anderson County, Tennessee
* Anderson Mesa, location of Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona
* Anderson Township, several

In Europe:
* Andersön, an island in Sweden

On the moon:
* Anderson (crater), lunar crater named for John A. Anderson
* Andersson (crater), lunar crater named for Leif E. Andersson

;See also
* Anderson Island (disambiguation)

Other uses

* Anderson (automobile), American car
* Anderson Electric, early 20th century electric car
* The Anderson School, K-8 public school, New York, NY, USA
* Anderson turn, ship or boat maneuver
* UCLA Anderson School of Management, located at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
* USS "Anderson" (DD-411), US Navy destroyer
* The Government Code and Cypher School outstation at Kilindini, near Mombassa, Kenya, during the Second World War

See also

* Andersen
* Anderssen

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