Jacob Two-Two (TV series)

Jacob Two-Two (TV series)

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"Jacob Two-Two" (aired on the French Canadian Télétoon as "Jacob Jacob" and in Spanish on Telemundo as "Jacobo Dos Dos") is an animated TV series based on a trilogy of books written by Mordecai Richler. It was produced by Nelvana; before being put on hiatus in 2005, it has 61 episodes. It has recently been revived by 9 Story Entertainment, and new episodes are currently in production. The show is also seen in the United States on "qubo", a children's block on NBC, ION Television and Telemundo. It is also showing on Jetix UK from April 14 2007 and showing on the CITV Channel in the UK from Spring 2006.


"Jacob Two Two" is set in contemporary Montreal. Jacob, the youngest of five siblings, and his friends are the main characters.


Jacob Two Two :A 10-year-old boy who loves wrestling, hockey and spies. He's called "Jacob "Two-Two" because he has to say everything twice to be heard. Since he is the youngest he has found a way to be heard in his family. [ First episode, "Pilot: Jacob Two-Two VS the Hooded Fang" ] He is friends with pro wrestler Gary aka The Hooded Fang. [ First episode, "Pilot: Jacob Two-Two VS the Hooded Fang" ] He has four older siblings he looks up to and is usually called "pipsqueak" and "squirt". [ First episode, "Pilot: Jacob Two-Two VS the Hooded Fang" ] He is also picked on by three bullies at school. Jacob plays on the school hockey team as goaltender. His favorite hockey team is the Montreal Marvels (their hometown team). He also looks after his next door neighbour Mr. Dinglebat's hamster Agent Intrepid. He often get into trouble and finds a way to get out of it.

Morty:Jacob's dad, the writer of the popular "Amazing Ronald" books. He is said to be based on Mordecai Richler, father of Jacob Richler and author of the Jacob Two Two books. He's fairly laid back.

Florence:Jacob's mother, who takes everything in a stride.

Daniel:Jacob's oldest brother, the epitome of cool in Jacob's eyes. He always dresses in black, plays the electric guitar, and dyes his hair blue. He treats Jacob like a nuisance at times, but also seems to take him more seriously than Noah, Emma, and Marfa. He likes music, especially classics like the Beatles.

Marfa:Jacob's oldest sister, who is short tempered but very smart. She and Jacob argue a lot, she is proud of his achievements and they care about each other. She has a computer, which Jacob often asks to use with little success.

Noah and Emma:Jacob's older twin brother and sister respectively. The two of them are avid readers and wrestling fans, much like Jacob, but they don't take Jacob seriously and treat him like a nuisance who can't keep up with them. They form a superhero team known as "Kid Power" and refer to themselves as the fearless O'Toole (Noah) and the intrepid Shapiro (Emma). They pick on Jacob a lot. Jacob begs them a lot to let him join Kid Power.

Buford Orville Gaylord Pugh:A boy who has a habit in getting himself and others in trouble. He is best friends with Jacob and they usually hang out together. Buford likes to say lots of puns and tries to help Jacob and Renee out with their problems. Despite his oddness, he seems to know more than he realizes. He plays on the school hockey team.

Renee Ratelle:Jacob's rival and one of his closest friends. She is known "Rattlesnake Ratelle" for her skill on the skateboard and is the center on Jacob's hockey team. Renee is one of the smartest kids in school. She speaks English with a French accent and often uses French words. Despite being close friends, Jacob and Buford find it difficult to admit to being Renee's friend.

Ignats M. Greedyguts:The excessively fat, gluttonous, selfish, vain, greedy, and cowardly principal of Jacob's school, Dreary Meadows. He'll do anything to make a quick buck and take advantage of his students. He loves to eat, and once claimed he invented jelly donuts. He has a semi-romantic relationship in Miss Sourpickle. He also has a manipulative, charismatic twin brother I R, who's even worse than him. His first and middle names in initials is I.M. and if said it sounds like I am and adding his last name it makes the sentence I am greedyguts.

Miss Sourpickle:Jacob, Buford, and Renee's spiteful and evil geography teacher. She is excessively harsh towards her students and has a low opinion of all of them, but is quick to credit their work (when done exceptionally) as a result of her teaching. She shows affection only for Greedyguts and her vicious little pet poodle, Dustmop.

Leo Louse:The school's janitor, who often works for Greedyguts and Sourpickle to ruin the lives of the kids at Dreary Meadows. He looks out for his own interests and will do as little as possible to get a good meal or a lot of money. He is also Jacob's school hockey team's coach.

Mr. Dinglebat:Jacob's next door neighbour is an international spy, an eccentric but kind and helpful person. Jacob later helps Mr. Dinglebat and Agent Intrepid (a hamster) on top secret missions.

Mrs. Darling Sweetiepie:Jacob's neighbor across the street. She's a very sweet old lady, but she can be surprisingly dangerous and a little self-centered when she tries to change things, like eliminating sound and getting rid of winter, to make it easier for herself. She has a cat that she talks to, and is very fond of.

Jean-Paul Claude Leduc:A ghost and former voyageur. He is a friend of Jacob's and tends to exaggerate his role in history. He helps Jacob out when he can, though he seems to cause more harm than good every time he starts relating Canadian history to Jacob.

The Bullies (Wilson, Quigley & Duschene):Three not so smart bullies from Jacob's school who pick on him every opportunity they get.

Mr. Moleculus:A highly eccentric science teacher at Jacob's school who looks somewhat manic. He happens to be an ingenious inventor with a mobile laboratory that resembles a stereotypical ufo. Moleculus is quite open with sharing his latest inventions with Jacob and Buford. While his inventions are made with the intention of helping others, they frequently backfire as a result of unexpected side-effects.

Zadie Saul:Jacob's paternal grandfather, who is known for telling dubious stories. A good man with a kind heart, Saul is always willing to give Jacob advice when he needs it.

Library Ninjas:The head librarian and assistant librarian at the local library. Local bibliophiles by day, they work to catch partons who don't return books and ruin books for other people as ninjas by night. They later recruit Jacob as a library ninja when he impresses them with his perfect borrowing record.

Carl Fester King:Another one of Jacob's nemeses, a bratty man who thinks that he's a king because his name is King. Like Greedyguts, he is always trying to find a dishonest, quick, and easy way to make money. He used to own a newspaper company called the Daily Crown until Jacob stopped that by fixing the problem the paper had hypnotizing people that read it.

Dr. Leduc:A veterinarian who everyone thinks is a mad scientist. He is actually a good-hearted man whose experiments involve hypnosis on animals. The only thing he seems to fear is Ms. Sourpickle and Dustmop. He has an assistant named Monksford who resembles Frankenstein's monster.

Fish and Fowl:A disagreeable duo of thieves, also recurring enemies of Jacob. Fish is a short man with a fish-like appearance and Fowl is a tall thin woman with a pointed nose and feathery hair, making her resemble a bird.

Auntie Goodforyou:Florence's sister who is always coming up with new healthy foods. She means well but her recipes tend to make her what she makes uneatable, despite this she encourages her nephews and nieces to eat her new creations... which is why they pretend they're not there/in when she turns up.

Sergeant Law and Corporal Order:This duo are the neighbourhood's local bumbling policemen. They tend to suspect Jacob of rather strange crimes, but usually end up seeing he's not guilty after all. Corporal Order has a set of twin sons who argue quite a bit.

The Hooded Fang:A pro-wrestler named Gary, who is actually a really nice guy at heart. Jacob discovers this when he meets him when he gets lost getting popcorn. He is an acquaintance of Jacob's.


Season 1

Eps #01 - Jacob Two Two vs. the Hooded Fang

Jacob is fed up with sharing a room with his brother Noah - he wants his own room! Dad says he can have the attic if he can spend an entire night up there;Jacob's Dad takes Jacob, Noah and Emma to a wrestling match where Jacob unknowingly bumps into the Hooded Fang.

Eps #02 - Jacob Two Two and the Staff Room of Doom

It's his first day at a brand new school and Jacob wants to look cool so he borrows his brother Daniel's favourite skull T-shirt to wear. What he doesn't realize is that skull shirts are against the school dress code, and before he knows what's happening Principal Greedyguts has confiscated the shirt and locked it away in the school vault. Jacob's got to get that shirt back!

Eps #03 - Jacob Two Two and the Purloined Hockey Card

When Jacob receives a Gummer Gormley hockey card from his Dad he decides that this is just the lucky charm his hapless hockey team needs to end its record-breaking losing streak. With the card in hand all goes well and the team is finally winning some games... until perfectly loathsome Leo Louse steals the card from Jacob's locker.

Eps #04 - Jacob Two Two and the Conniving Caterer

In a move to divert school funds into his own pocket, Principal Greedyguts replaces the lunch lady with school janitor Leo Louse. Jacob enlists the help of his neighbour master spy X. Barnaby Dinglebat to expose the stinky plot, and put an end to the even stinkier lunches.

Eps #05 - Jacob Two Two and the Daily Crown

A new newspaper is mesmerizing all of Montreal. Jacob and his pal Buford try to foil a plot by con man Carl Fester King to control the minds of his unsuspecting readers.

Eps #06 - Jacob Two Two and the Mystery of the Malty McGuffin

Jacob reads about an unsolved mystery in an old library book, and enlists pals Buford and Renee to help him solve the clues to find a forty-year old treasure.

Eps #07 - Jacob Two Two and the Unlickable Cowlick

It's school photo day and Jacob has the worst cowlick in history. Can he tame his tresses before Greedyguts spots his mangy mop?

Eps #08 - Jacob Two Two and Scholars for Dollars

Jacob is elated to have scored high marks in a pop quiz in geography class (he figured out how the test system works). That is, until he's chosen as the geography expert on his school's team for a nationally televised trivia challenge!

Eps #09 - Jacob Two Two and the Colossal Candy Challenge

Dreary Meadows' decrepit adventure gym has been given a failing grade by the Superintendent. Jacob and his schoolmates work extra hard to sell enough chocolate bars to raise the funds to bring it up to code

Eps #10 - Jacob Two Two and the Big Bagel Bungle

Jacob is allowed to fetch the bagels for his dad's special Sunday brunch, a task that seems easy until the trip is bungled by buses, bullies and breakaways.

Eps #11 - Jacob Two Two and the Notorious Knit Knapper

Jacob uncovers a plot by a gang of nice little old ladies to knit a giant tea cosy and cover Montreal for the upcoming winter instead of heading south to Florida. Will Jacob be able unravel their plans?

Eps #12 - Jacob Two Two and the Ghost

Jacob discovers he has a ghostly room mate named Claude LaToque who has run away from the local grave yard. What is the shameful secret Claude will not reveal about his past? Jacob is transported back to the time of the coureur de bois to find out.

Eps #13 - Jacob Two Two and the Mouldy Menace

Aunt Good-For-You's purple health drinks shake up more than the family's health in this scientific experiment gone haywire!

Season 2

Eps #14 - Jacob Two Two and the Demon Drooler

Jacob and Buford camp out in the backyard, and come face to jowl with the legendary ‘Demon Drooler’, a beast said to prowl the ravines of Montreal in search of tasty victims.

Eps #15 - Jacob Two Two's Time Trials

When Jacob accidentally breaks brother Daniel’s favorite record, he wishes he could have the fateful moment to live over again.

Eps #16 - Jacob Two Two and the Lost Louse

While searching for his lost house key, Jacob tumbles into the school lost and found box, where he is promptly claimed by dastardly school janitor Leo Louse.

Eps #17 - Jacob Two Two and the Doubtful Double Agent

Noah and Emma finally offer little brother Jacob his chance to join the ranks of their secret organization known as ‘Kid Power’, fighters for kids’ rights everywhere.

Eps #18 - Jacob Two Two and the Fun Fair Fiasco

Jacob and Buford build the ‘Predicto-Magic Machine’ for a fortune telling booth at the school fun fair, and are amazed that it really does predict the future.

Eps #19 - Jacob Two Two and the Tag Team Tempest

Jacob’s pal Gary, a.k.a. The Hooded Fang, seems to be in league with con man Carl Fester King to throw the upcoming bout for the wrestling championship belt.

Eps #20 - Jacob Two Two and the Monster Mix-Up

Jacob reluctantly agrees to do some volunteer to work at the veterinary clinic of Dr. Leduc, who is rumoured to have a secret laboratory where he conducts strange experiments.

Eps #21 - Jacob Two Two and the Fantastic Fountain

Concerned about his Zadie Saul’s long list of aches and pains, Jacob asks spry little old neighbour lady and part time ninja Miss Sweetiepie to tell him the secret to her own amazing get up and go.

Eps #22 - Jacob Two Two and the Spellbound Sibling

Jacob’s wish he could find a way to make big sister Marfa be nicer to him appears to be answered when he finds an ancient book of magic which contains a spell that should do the trick.

Eps #23 - Jacob Two Two and the Furry Felon

Jacob and Buford try to rehabilitate a garbage raiding raccoon by teaching him survival skills needed to live free in the wild.

Eps #24 - Jacob Two Two and the Pet Peeve

Jacob and Renee struggle to help a group of mangy stray cats find good homes, while Leo Louse makes a small fortune returning lost pets to their grateful owners.

Eps #25 - Jacob Two Two and the Potato Power Project

When he is teamed up with a trio of slackers for an important science project, Jacob is certain he’ll fail and have to spend time in summer school.

Eps #26 - Jacob Two Two and Renee's Rival

Everyone assumes Renee will win a cash prize offered to the school’s top student, but the arrival of a brilliant transfer student named Ann might change everything.

Season 3

Eps #27 - Jacob Two Two Times Two

Shortly after Jacob vows revenge on practical jokers Emma and Noah, X. Barnaby Dinglebat accidentally creates a "negative" version of Jake using an unusual camera from his collection. Jake's negative twin pulls numerous mean-spirited pranks around town while the real Jacob takes the heat. In the end, Jake learns that pranksters never prevail, because what goes around comes around.

Eps #28 - Jacob Two Two and the Vintage Voice Vortex

When the neighbourhood gets too loud for Miss Sweetiepie, she modifies an old gramophone so that it can capture sound instead of broadcast it. All's well and quiet until Dad's voice is accidentally captured the day before he's to give an important speech. After a pertinent piece of the modernized machine eludes them, the race is on to rebuild the gramophone and recover Dad's voice in time for his big day.

Eps #29 - Jacob Two Two and the Surprise Disguise

Jacob is mistaken for The Amazing Ronald when he dons the colourful costume at his Dad's book signing. At first this causes great embarrassment for Jake, but in the end, he not only fills the costume, he fills the caped crime fighter's shoes, as he foils Fish and Fowl's elaborate plan to take credit for his Dad's latest book. Jake is proud that his adventure is just the inspiration his Dad needs to write his next book.

Eps #30 - Jacob Two Two and the Socks Dimension

Frustrated by never having a matching pair of socks, Jacob investigates the inner workings of the dryer and discovers that it is actually a portal to a parallel universe. A universe so topsy-turvy that Buford has a day-timer, the bullies are his best friends, and socks are used as currency. Jacob and X. Barnaby Dinglebat hatch a plan to get Jacob back to his proper dimension.

Eps #31 - Jacob Two Two and the After School Abattoir

Jake and Buford reluctantly agree to watch a super scary horror movie called "After School Abattoir" with Jake's older siblings. On the day of the viewing, Jake and Buford get trapped inside the school, and the events that take place eerily parellel the movie.

Eps #32 - Jacob Two Two and the Simian Switcheroo

Buford accidentally switches places with Bobo, a chimp from Canadian Space Camp. Since the Space Camp excursion was originally meant for Jake, he's somewhat annoyed that Buford went in his stead… until Bobo turns out to be one cool amigo. Having Bobo as a new best friend improves Jake's social status tenfold. Although Jake's enjoying his new poularity, he can't help but miss his best bud. Bobo helps Jacob rescue an eternally oblivious Buford who is headed for the moon in a rocket built from the most Canadian of building materials; birch bark.

Eps #33 - Jacob Two Two and the Troublesome Twosome

Principal I.M. Greedyguts' good twin brother is so good that everyone at Dreary Meadows wants to enroll in Y.B. Greedyguts' Cheery Meadow's Elementary School. This makes I.M. see the error of his ways when even Sour Pickle jumps ship, but it doesn't move him enough to resort to old-fashioned honesty to get the staff and students to return. And it turns out that if things over at Cheery Meadows seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Eps #34 - Jacob Two Two and the Pirated Pastry

Jacob and Buford investigate Principal Greedyguts' claim to be the investor of the jelly donut, and uncover a sordid tale of mystery, double cross and intrigue!

Eps #35 - Jacob Two Two and the Super Special Skates

Spineless Spencer, a celebrity hockey player who's more interested in the celebrity than the hockey, launches a new line of ice skates. Everyone's got a pair… except for Jacob, who's stuck with an old, hand-me-down pair that look more like boots than skates. Jake endures some light-hearted teasing, but Dad assures him that it's not the gear, but the heart inside the gear that counts. Jake follows this advice and uses it to beat Spineless at his own game.

Eps #36 - Jacob Two Two and the Quibbling Sibbling

Due to a spat between Noah and Emma (a.k.a the Intrepid Shapiro and the Fearless O'Toole), it looks like Kid Power will be disbanded forever, just when Jacob has finally been allowed to join their noble ranks. It's up to Jacob to deal with a looming crisis and heal the rift between his feuding siblings in the process.

Eps #37 - Jacob Two Two and the Dangerous Debut

Miss Sour Pickle press gangs Jacob into acting in the school play, which turns out to be cursed. Will a crazed Phantom prowling the catwalks, and demonically possessed co-star treading the stage spell the final curtain for Jacob Two-Two?

Eps #38 - Jacob Two Two and the Bookworm Brouhaha

Jacob becomes a Library Ninja and vows to track down the "Bookworm" - the Library's most wanted villain and holder of a world record late return fine. To Jacob's shock, it seems all clues lead to his own library-loving Dad!

Season 4

Eps #39 - Jacob Two Two and the Boggie Beastie

Zaidie Saul sees a legendary sea serpent known as "Boggy," but everyone assumes it's just another one of his tall tales. Jacob sets out to prove his Zaidie is telling the truth, and triggers a sea serpent mania that could endanger the shy and peaceful beast -- if she really exists, that is.

Eps #40 - Jacob Two Two and the Crumbling Cookie

Jacob’s well meaning efforts to make his Aunty Good For You’s ‘Good For You’ cookies taste good too leads her into a business partnership with unsavory con man Carl Fester King. Jacob tries to rescue his Aunt’s recipe and her good reputation.

Eps #41 - Jacob Two Two's Broadcast Bungle

While playing with walkie-talkies borrowed from X. Barnaby Dinglebat, Jacob learns his Mom is the ring leader of a band of spies. He finds that once the Canadian Armed Forces are on red alert, they won’t quit until they get their man... or Mom as the case may be.

Eps #42 - Jacob Two Two and the Cranial Classroom Caper

Miss Darling Sweetiepie’s stint as a substitute teacher leads her to instill old fashioned values in her students by turning them into a bunch of mindless, well behaved zombies. A school full of mindless zombies is the answer to Principal Greedyguts’ wildest dreams.

Eps #43 - Jacob Two Two and the Wicked Glitch

Jacob and friends travel to Ottawa to confront the Wicked Glitch after Jacob’s life is turned upside down thanks to Prime Minister Perry Pleaser’s under-budgeted attempt to bring Canada into the computer age.

Eps #44 - Jacob Two Two and the Big Brain Exchange

When Jacob accidentally switches brains with Principal Greedyguts he decides to make the best of a bad situation by making life better at Dreary Meadows School. Meanwhile Greedyguts does his best to make life miserable for Jacob.

Eps #45 - Jacob Two Two and the Teacher's Pet

Jacob finds life on Miss Sour Pickle’s good side is even worse than being on her bad side. When he attempts to restore the proper order he only becomes even more of a ‘teacher’s pet’.

Eps #46 - Jacob Two Two and the Valentine's Day Disaster

A pesky love bug buzzes into Jacob’s life, causing Melinda to think he has a big crush on her, making Valentine’s even more terrifying than usual.

Eps #47 - Jacob Two Two and the Molecular Mayhem

Jacob must rescue Buford and their science teacher from an unknown dimension after Mr. Moleculus’ latest invention goes haywire. But first he has to rescue the invention, which is stolen by a greedy thief.

Eps #48 - Jacob Two Two and the Puzzling Portable

An off limits portable and the sudden appearance of a muscle-bound supply teacher with a strange monotone accent adds up to Jacob being the ‘chosen one’ who is destined to save all of mankind from some terrible future fate.

Eps #49 - Jacob Two Two and the Priceless Puck

Reformed criminals Fish and Fowl become unlikely allies as Jacob worries that X. Barnaby Dinglebat has become a jewel thief, after he disappears with the fabled Stanley Puck Diamond.

Eps #50 - Jacob Two Two and the Mata Hari Hamster

Jacob fears an important spy mission may be compromised when his spying partner Agent Intrepid falls for a mysterious female hamster named Daisy, while Carl Fester King corners the country’s maple syrup reserves.

Eps #51 - Jacob Two Two and the Halloween Hullabaloo

When Jacob calls his teacher a mean old witch for handing out a homework assignment on Hallowe’en, he almost doesn’t live to regret it.

Eps #52 - Jacob Two Two and the Wooden Nickel Knuckleheads-

Jacob comes into possession of a very rare and valuable coin. Word of his good fortune travels quickly amongst every greedy character he’s ever had the misfortune of meeting, and soon they join forces to take it from him.

Season 5

Eps # 53 - Jacob Two Two and the Persistent Assistant

Jake’s ghostly friend Claude LaToque, helps Buford become a skateboard stunt artist. Jake’s attempts to end the perilous folly are thwarted by the bully boys, eager to capture a spectacular skateboard crash on video.

Eps #54 - Jacob Two Two and the Book Writing Wrinkle

In a mix-up of literary proportions, Jake wins a student writing competition for a manuscript Dad wrote, while Dad receives a rejection letter from his publisher for a story that Jake wrote. Can the mess be straightened out? Or will Jake end up winning the upcoming national competition for a story that isn't his?

Eps #55 - Jacob Two Two and the Rose Coloured Calamity

To force a letter of recommendation out of the studentbody, Greedyguts turns Dreary Meadows into a work camp! Jake leads the kids in a test of wills, and the outcome hinges on a mysterious pair of sunglasses that make everything seem perfect to whoever puts them on.

Eps #56 - Jacob Two Two and the Uber Odour

Carl Fester King has a new money-making scheme. Using stolen hockey bags, he’ll create the worst smelling substance on earth, stink up Montreal, then make a fortune selling air fresheners! But when the stinkonium is stolen from King, it’s up to Jake and Kid Power to track down the second ‘stinker,’ who has his own agenda for the stuff…

Eps #57 - Jacob Two Two and the Perfect Present

Jake buys a back-scratcher that grants wishes, but before he can wish for the perfect present for his mom’s birthday, Greedyguts and Leo snatch it away. Comic mayhem ensues as the thieves’ selfish wishes go awry.

Eps #58 - Jacob Two Two and the Too Big Tomato

Everything goes wrong for Jacob because he's so small. When Mr. Moleculus shows Jake his formula for growing giant tomatoes, Jacob borrows it to use on himself. But as Jacob grows, his problems grow too.

Eps #59 - Jacob Two Two and the Soap Box

Defending his family's unblemished record in an annual soapbox derby, Jake must decide whether to "cheat or not to cheat" against an arch-rival from school intent on winning the race by any means possible! It's only after Jake gets in touch with his "family's winning spirit" that he finds a way to best the boastful bully and coast to victory!

Eps #60 - Jacob Two Two and the Robot Rescue

When Jake undertakes to mind Marfa's science project, an Artificial Intelligence robot, he doesn't figure on wiping its memory clean. But when he reprograms the robot, he inadvertently loads it with his Dude Funslinger computer game. Now the robot act like Dude Funslinger and is off to rid the world of space zombies.

Eps #61 - Jacob Two Two and the Hockey Seat Hoopla

The spirit of long departed hockey player is released from an old arena seat and possesses Jake’s family. The only way for Jake to break the spell is to join his family and play a hockey game against the Montreal Marvels.

Voice cast

* Billy Rosemberg as Jacob Two-Two
* Marc McMulkin as Noah/Fearless O'Toole
* Kaitlin Howell as Emma/Intrepid Shapiro
* Jeff Berg as Daniel
* Jocelyn Barth as Marfa
* Harvey Atkin as Morty
* Janet-Laine Green as Florence
* Julie Lemieux as Renee
* Kristopher Clark as Buford Orville Gaylord Pugh
* Dwayne Hill as Principal Greedyguts
* Fiona Reid as Miss Sour Pickle
* Howard Jerome as Leo Louse
* Bret "The Hitman" Hart as Hooded Fang


External links

* [http://www.nelvana.com/jacob_two_two/ The official "Jacob Two Two" website]
* [http://www.ytv.com/programming/shows/jacob_two_two/ "Jacob Two Two" on YTV]
* [http://kids.aol.com/cartoons/jacob-two-two Watch "Jacob Two Two" Cartoons, download coloring pages and more]
* [http://www.qubo.com/jacob_show.asp "Jacob Two Two on Qubo]
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