Legacy of the Ancients

Legacy of the Ancients

Infobox VG| title = Legacy of the Ancients

developer = Quest Software, Inc.
publisher = Electronic Arts
released = 1987
genre = Computer role-playing game
modes = Single player
platforms = Apple II, Commodore 64, IBM PC

"Legacy of the Ancients" is a fantasy RPG computer game published by Electronic Arts in 1987.

The player takes on the role of a young shepherd who finds and loots a recently dead body while on a first trip to the city, taking a black disk, a bracelet, and a leather scroll. The Galactic Museum mysteriously appears to the player after collecting these items. The player learns that by taking these items, he has become the next in a line of adventurers attempting to destroy the Wizard's Compendium, the leather scroll the player picked up.

The museum has various display cases that require the insertion of special coins of various types to access. Some coins can be bought in random encounters with NPCs, some can be found as loot after combat, and some coins can only be found at the bottom level of various dungeons, meaning the player cannot proceed beyond a certain point until that dungeon is finished.

Unlike many RPGs, the game does not use an experience point system. The player gains levels only through the successful completion of various quests.

The game is mostly in top-down style for the world maps, towns, and castles, but switches to a 3D style in the dungeons and in the museum.

Several different areas of the game, like games in towns and certain museum displays, allow the character to play in special mini-games, which, if done successfully, will permanently increase attributes. Also, various casinos about the towns let players gamble to win money. It is also possible to rob banks in cities, but this attracts the attention of the town guards, who will remember the robbery until the player enters another town.

Copy Protection

The game makes use of a code-disc copy protection that requires the player to match a gemstone and the name of a world on which another branch of the Galactic Museum exists. The player then has to enter a six-digit number to proceed. One of the worlds on the disk, Bantross, became the setting for the sequel, The Legend of Blacksilver.

Another part of the copy protection involves an attempt by the program to modify the program disk itself on startup and render it unusable. On authentic game disks, this operation fails since the disks are write-protected. When playing the game using an emulator, it is advisable to set the Read-Only attribute for each disk image to avoid this modification.

imilarity to Questron

This game shares a similar design to Questron. Although it is not a sequel, it uses an updated engine shared by Questron and Questron II. [ [ http://www.mobygames.com/game/legacy-of-the-ancients Legacy of the Ancients - Moby Games] ] The innovations inherent in the style of this game were endearing to people who bought these games.Fact|date=February 2007


A review in "Computer Gaming World" enjoyed the museum setting of the game, but noted there was very little interacting with the world. The game's difficulty was described as "suitable for beginner and intermediate-level play".citation | date = January 1988 | author = Scorpia | periodical = Computer Gaming World | title = Legacy of the Ancients | year = 1988 | pages = 46-47, 50]


Certain towns had fortune tellers, from whom the player could purchase what amounted to game hints.

*Buyback shops pay nicely once you learn to negotiate.
*I see you playing flip-flop and winning a fortune!
*The lender will give you money at good rates.
*Healers can help you after you find the Juton bush.
*Carry gold - merchants might sell you museum coins.
*Carry climbing gear. It will prove handy.
*The path to greatness lies through the museum.
*The warlord's agents are everywhere. Watch out!
*Learn to lie - so you'll master the Stones of Wisdom.
*The pirate's cave is west of Eagle Hollow.
*Only the 4 jewels can thwart the evil compendium.
*You need herbs to succeed in dungeons.
*It works best to club the slash nettle to death.
*Keep money in the bank in case of death.
*Castle doors require four different keys.
*Visit ALL the museum displays. They will help more than you know.
*Behind the castle gardens lies a special flower.
*In the right places, magic seeds make you invisible.
*Hidden passageways line the castle! LOOK CAREFULLY!!!
*Many guards protect the mints. It's worth the fight.
*An evil warlord's man was here asking about you.
*Healers are more than they seem. Bide your time.
*The Maston Leaper fears only a bladed staff.
*You must master the spiral room.
*Use the bladed staff to neutralize the Neural Cloud.
*Go back to school. You can learn more.
*Speak to the temptress in the castle.
*The castle wizards know many answers.
*There's a path around the castle gas trap.
*You can't climb up the knight's dungeon. STAY AWAY!
*You can flail the sea swallow to death.
*Have you visited each museum display?
*Watch out. The agents may be after you.
*One day you will travel high above the sea.
*Talk to the guardians of the scroll.
*Learn the password to the castle wizard's quarters.
*You can trust the winged horse.


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