Drum (disambiguation)

Drum (disambiguation)


A drum is a musical instrument.

Drum may also refer to:

  • Drum kit (or drum set or trap set), a collection of drums, cymbals, and potentially other percussion instruments
  • Electronic drum, in which sound is generated by an electronic waveform generator or sampler instead of by acoustic vibration
  • Drum memory, an early form of computer memory used in the 1950s and 1960s
  • Drum brake, an automotive braking system
  • Drum (communication), a communication device
  • Drum (container), a type of cylindrical container
  • Drum (fish), any of several fish in the family Sciaenidae
  • Drum magazine, a cylindrical container for ammunition
  • Drum GAC, a Gaelic Athletic Association club based in Drum, County Londonderry
  • Drum, the photoreceptor in a laser printer
  • Drum or tholobate, in architecture, the lower part of a dome or cupola in the shape of a cylinder or prism



  • Hugh Aloysius Drum (1879–1951), American general for which Fort Drum is named
  • Kevin Drum (born 1958), an American political blogger
  • Richard C. Drum (1825–1909), Adjutant General of the United States Army from 1880 to 1889



  • The Drum (novel), by A.E.W. Mason
  • Sinclair Hill
  • The Drum (1938 film), a film starring Sabu, Raymond Massey and Roger Livesey
  • Drum (1976 film), a sequel to the 1975 film Mandingo
  • Drum (2004 film), a film about a journalist of Drum magazine
  • Drum (album), the first release from band Hugo Largo
  • China Drum, an English band
  • "Drums", an improvisational song performed by the percussonists of the rock group the Grateful Dead
  • Drum (EP), by Local H
  • "The Drum", a 1971 hit song for Bobby Sherman
  • "Drums", a song by Jesus Jones from Culture Vulture !
  • Fredric Drum, protagonist of the Fredric Drum series of novels by Norwegian author Gert Nygårdshaug
  • The Drums, rock band from New York
  • The Drum (TV program), an Australian Current Affairs Show.
  • "Drum", a 2002 television ident for BBC Two - from the Personality series


See also

  • Drumming (disambiguation)
  • Cylinder (geometry), for cylindrical objects in contexts such as machinery sometimes referred to as drums

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