Olomouc Region

Olomouc Region
Olomouc Region (Olomoucký kraj)
Aerial view of Praděd
Country Czech Republic
Districts Jeseník District, Olomouc District, Přerov District, Prostějov District, Šumperk District
Capital Olomouc
Highest point Praděd
 - elevation 1,492 m (4,895 ft)
Area 5,267 km2 (2,034 sq mi)
Population 647,770 (03/2011)
Density 123 / km2 (319 / sq mi)
Governor Martin Tesařík
ISO 3166-2 CZ-OL
Licence plate M
Website: http://www.kr-olomoucky.cz/
Districts of Olomouc

Olomouc Region (Czech: Olomoucký kraj) is an administrative unit (Czech: kraj) of the Czech Republic, located in the north-western and central part of its historical region of Moravia (Morava) and in a small part of the historical region of Silesia (Slezsko). It is named for its capital Olomouc.


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