Atlantic Avenue–Pacific Street (New York City Subway)

Atlantic Avenue–Pacific Street (New York City Subway)

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Atlantic Avenue–Pacific Street is a New York City Subway station complex shared by the IRT Eastern Parkway Line, the BMT Brighton Line and the BMT Fourth Avenue Line. It is located at Atlantic, Fourth and Flatbush Avenues and Pacific Street in Brooklyn. The whole station complex is ADA-compliant. In 2004, the station was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. [ [ Kings County Listings on the National Register of Historic Places (Structure #04001023)] ]


IRT Eastern Parkway Line platforms

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bg_color = #E20F00
bg_color_2 = #007527
line = IRT Eastern Parkway Line
service = Eastern west
platforms = 1 island platform, 2 side platforms
tracks = 4
open_date = May 1, 1908
north_station = Nevins Street
north_line = IRT Eastern Parkway Line
north_service = Eastern west
south_line = IRT Eastern Parkway Line
south_local_station = Bergen Street
south_local_service = Eastern west local
south_express_station = Franklin Avenue
south_express_service = Eastern west express

Atlantic Avenue on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line has four tracks, one island platform, and two side platforms. On the center platform there are two old indicator signs which mark the next train, used for non-rush hour short turn trains. An old style sign to the Brooklyn Academy of Music also exists. The trackway to the Long Island Rail Road is still visible at the north end of the northbound local track, although much of it is behind corrugated wall; more information about this and other unused trackways is at Bergen Street. The LIRR platforms are clearly visible on the other side of floor-to-ceiling railings.

This station has been completely renovated. The northbound local trackway and track have been completely redone with concrete base and welded rail.

A passageway to the BMT Fourth Avenue and Brighton Lines lies under the platforms, with the Fourth Avenue Line to the southwest and the Brighton Line to the northeast.

Although the station is wheelchair accessible, the Eastern Parkway Line express platform was formerly too narrow in some areas to accommodate wheelchairs. Passengers were notified of this fact by announcements on trains before reaching the station. The stairs have been trimmed in width to allow full wheelchair access.

BMT Brighton Line platform

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font_color = black
bg_color = #FFC800
bg_color_2 = #FF6E1A
line = BMT Brighton Line
service = Brighton north
platforms = 1 island platform
tracks = 2
open_date = August 1, 1920
north_station = DeKalb Avenue
north_station_acc = yes
north_line = BMT Brighton Line
north_service = Brighton north
south_station = Seventh Avenue
south_line = BMT Brighton Line
south_service = Brighton north

Atlantic Avenue on the BMT Brighton Line has two tracks and an island platform. The platform has five staircases, three to the main mezzanine and two to the Hanson Place exit at the north end, which is an escalator that leads to a separate mezzanine with no transfers to the other lines. A booth at the north end has been removed. There is also one street staircase that leads to the Williamsburg Savings Bank. Two more street staircases lead to the Atlantic Terminal Mall. The lower level at the Hanson Place end of the station had a passageway, now sealed, that ran above the platform from Hanson Place. The signs "To Hanson Place" and other signs are covered up. This area is now space used by MTA employees, with the entrance at the other side. The main mezzanine also has an out-of-system passageway to the Flatbush Avenue LIRR terminal and the full time fare control at the IRT side of the station. There is a removed staircase in between the two sets of stairs. The northernmost staircase was added during renovation, while the other two staircases were narrowed in order to comply with ADA guidelines regarding minimum 36-inch width clearances. The platform extension is clearly visible the south end of the platform, while the name tablets and "A" are authentic replicas on the northbound platform wall, while the southbound wall was tiled around them. The area on the southbound wall where the platform extends out is made of replicas as well. Since there were no mosaics built, only a green wall was present prior to renovation, which indicates where the platform was extended in the 1960s to fit ten car trains.

BMT Fourth Avenue Line platforms

Infobox NYCS
font_color = black
bg_color = #FFC800
bg_color_2 = #FF6E1A

line = BMT Fourth Avenue Line
service = Fourth center
platforms = 2 island platforms
tracks = 4
open_date = September 13, 1915
north_local_station = DeKalb Avenue
north_line=BMT Brighton Line
north_local_service=Fourth center local
north_custom_station = NYCS next|type=Express via Broadway|station=Canal Street|line=BMT Broadway Line|service=Manhattan Bridge south bypass
north_custom_station_2 = NYCS next|type=Express via 6th Avenue|station=Grand Street|line=IND Sixth Avenue Line|service=Manhattan Bridge north bypass
south_line = BMT Fourth Avenue Line
south_local_station = Union Street
south_local_service = Fourth center local
south_express_station = 36th Street
south_express_service = Fourth center express

Atlantic Avenue–Pacific Street (originally Pacific Street) on the BMT Fourth Avenue Line has four tracks and two island platforms. Exits are located towards the north end, along with elevators, which lead to an upper mezzanine. Other exits, as well as connections to the LIRR, IRT Eastern Parkway Line (NYCS Eastern west), and BMT Brighton Line (NYCS Brighton north), are accessible by a pathway that connects to the upper mezzanine. Exits from the station's upper mezzaine lead to Fourth Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street.

Rehabilitating the station

The station was overhauled in the late 1970s. MTA fixed the station's structure and overhauled its appearance. It refurbished the wall tilings and replaced the old signs and incandescent lighting with modern fixtures. It also fixed the staircases and platform edges.Fact|date=February 2007 Pacific Street station underwent another major overhaul in 1999 to 2000. This time the station received state of the art repairs and was updated for ADA compliance. The MTA repaired the staircases, re-tiled the walls and floors, upgraded the station's lights and the public address system, installed ADA yellow safety threads along the platform edge, and installed new trackbeds for local and express trains entering the station. In late 2004, the MTA installed elevators on both sides of the platform and street level to accommodate wheelchairs and those with disabilities.

Bus connections

*B41 west to Cadman Plaza; east to Grand Army Plaza, Flatbush Avenue, Kings Plaza
*B45 via St. Johns Place
*B63 to Park Slope, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge via 5 Avenue
*B65 via Bergen & Dean Streets
*B67 to Park Slope and Kensignton via 7 Avenue


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