CDfs is a virtual Linux file system that provides access to individual data and audio tracks on compact discs. A compact disc mounted with the "CDfs" driver appears as a collection of files, each representing a single track. It supports the following track types:

* Red Book audio: Appears as a WAV file; reading from it will start CDDA ripping.
* White Book video: Appears as a playable MPEG-1 file containing audio and video streams.
* Yellow Book data:
** Apple HFS: Appears as a mountable HFS file system image (sans partition table).
** ISO 9660: Each session appears as a mountable ISO image file.
** El Torito boot

CDfs is not included in the mainline Linux kernel, but is instead distributed as a set of GPL-licensed patches against the 2.4 and 2.6-series kernels.

In Plan 9, cdfs, is a 9P user-space server that operates similarly, presenting a compact disc as a directory of numbered files corresponding to disc tracks. Plan 9 cdfs, however, additionally allows disc recording.

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* [ CDfs patches]
* Plan 9 [ cdfs manual page]

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