Jiankang (建康城 in pinyin: Jiànkāng chéng), formerly known as Jianye (建業 Jiànyè) until Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 – 420), was an ancient city in China. During the Sui Dynasty Jiankang was renamed Jiangning and during the Ming Dynasty was renamed Nanjing.

Ruins of Jiankang's city walls can still be seen today. The city had been a capital city of the Six Dynasties, namely:
# Eastern Wu (222 - 280)
# Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 - 420)
# Liu-Song Dynasty (420 - 479)
# Qi Dynasty (479 - 502)
# Liang Dynasty (502 -557)
# Chen Dynasty (557 -589)

Xu Song (许嵩, Xǔ Sōng) in Tang Dynasty wrote a book, "Jiankang Shilu" (建康实录, Jiànkāng Shílù), that provides a historical account of Jiankang, which gave rise to the term "Six Dynasties".


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