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Eötvös Loránd University

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The Eötvös Loránd University or ELTE, founded in 1635, is one of the oldest and largest universities in Hungary, located in Budapest.


It was founded in 1635 in Nagyszombat (today Trnava, Slovakia) by the archbishop and theologian Péter Pázmány. Leadership was given over to the Jesuits. At this time, the university only had two colleges (College of Arts and College of Theology). The College of Law was added in 1667 and the College of Medicine was started in 1769. After the dissolution of the Jesuit order, the university was moved to Buda (a part of Budapest today) in 1777 in accordance with the intention of the founder. The university received its final location in Pest (the other side of today's Budapest) in 1784. The language of education was Latin until 1844, when Hungarian was introduced as an official language. Women have been allowed to enroll since 1895.It was named University of Budapest "(Budapesti Tudományegyetem)" until 1921, when it was renamed Pázmány Péter University (not to be confused with Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, a separate and more recent university). The Science Division started its separate life in 1949. The university received its current name "Eötvös Loránd University" after the physicist Loránd Eötvös in 1950.


Today it has 8 different faculties and more than 30,000 students. According to the "Academic Ranking of World Universities" by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2005), it was qualified as the second best university in Hungary (301-400th in the complete list), after the University of Szeged (203-300th).


Its eight faculties are the following:
*Faculty of Law
*Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education
*Faculty of Humanities
*Faculty of Informatics
*Faculty of Education and Psychology
*Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teachers' Training
*Faculty of Social Sciences
*Faculty of Science

Notable alumni

* József Antall
* Wilhelm Bacher
* Albert-László Barabási
* Georg von Békésy
* Christine L. Borgman
* Klára Dobrev
* Laszlo Garai
* Ahn Eak-tai
* Paul Erdős
* Peter G. Gyarmati
* Zsuzsanna Jakab
* László Kákosy
* Andras Kornai
* Ferenc Krausz
* Miklós Laczkovich
* Ágnes Heller
* John Harsanyi
* László Kalmár
* Karl Kerényi
* László Lovász
* Ioan Lupaş
* Iuliu Maniu
* László Mérő
* Péter Molnár
* Ádám Nádasdy
* John von Neumann
* Viktor Orbán
* Raphael Patai
* Rózsa Péter
* Ágoston Pável
* Karl Polanyi
* Michael Polanyi
* Peter Pulay
* József Szájer
* Franz Tangl
* Éva Tardos
* Stephen Ullmann
* Ferenc A. Váli
* Sándor Wekerle
* Franz Wittmann
* Michael Somogyi

External links

* [http://www.elte.hu/en/nyito.html Eötvös Loránd University] (list of faculties)
* [http://teo.elte.hu/fs/ ELTE Faculty of Science] (description in English)
* [http://www.btk.elte.hu/ ELTE Faculty of Humanities]
* [http://www.elte.hu/egyetem/tortenet2.html Its full history in Hungarian]
* [http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/ranking.htm Academic Ranking of World Universities - 2005]
* [http://www.elte.hu/kepcsarnok/ Pictures, sorted by faculties]
* [http://www.ajk.elte.hu/ Site of Faculty of law]
* [http://www.inf.elte.hu/ Site of Faculty of Informatics]
* Utrecht Network

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