New Rave

New Rave

New Rave (sometimes labelled Nu Rave or Neu Rave) is a term applied to several types of music that go from fusing elements of electronic, rock, indie, to techno, hip house, electro, breakbeat. [ [,,1922523,00.html Rousing Rave from the Grave] ]

Music publication "NME" is largely responsible for popularising the term throughout 2006 and 2007, despite having itself claimed in mid-2008 reviews that "New Rave is over". The genre has connotations of being a 'new' version of 'rave' as well as being a corruption of the term 'new wave'. [ [ Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles - Album Reviews - NME.COM ] ]

Klaxons,"The Observer". October 5, 2006 [,,1922523,00.html Rousing Rave from the Grave] ; retrieved January 9, 2008] "BBC News". January 3, 2007; [ Sound of 2007: Klaxons] ; retrieved March 31, 2007] "The Observer". January 28, 2007; [,,2000057,00.html New Rave is Dead; Long Live the Klaxons] ; retrieved March 31, 2007] New Young Pony Club,"The Guardian". January 5, 2007; [,,1982577,00.html 2007's original soundtrack] ; retrieved April 12, 2007] "Boston Globe". April 6, 2007; [ Meet the NEW rave. Same as the old rave?] ; retrieved April 12, 2007] "Sunday Life". February 4, 2007; [ Music: Having a blast] ; retrieved April 12, 2007] , Hadouken!, MC Hardcore Superstylee, Bono Must Die"The Guardian". January 5, 2007 [ Music: Rave on, just don't call it 'new rave'] ; retrieved September 2, 2008] and SHITDISCO are generally accepted as the main exponents of the genre.

The aesthetics of the New Rave scene are largely similar to those of the original rave scene, being mostly centred around psychedelic visual effects. Glowsticks, neon and other lights are common, and followers of the scene often dress in extremely bright and fluorescent colored clothing. Indeed, many consider New Rave to be defined more by the image and aesthetic of it's bands and supporters, than by the scene's somewhat vague sonic criteria. Nevertheless, the usage of electronic instruments, a musical fusion of rock and dance styles, and a particular anarchic, trashy energy are certainly key elements.


The actual sound of original Rave is barely (if at all) discernible (save some typical analog synth lines) in the majority of bands referred to as 'new rave' .Bands such as The Sunshine Underground,cite web|url=|title=Sunshine Underground gig review|publisher="NME"|accessdate=2007-07-18] Cansei de Ser Sexy, Solo Combo cite web|url=|title=Ípsilon Solo combo and DJ Megamix 2009 live set review|publisher="Ípsilon"|accessdate=2007-12-21] , and Hot Chipcite web|url=|title=Times Online Hot Chip Review review|publisher="Times Online"|accessdate=2007-07-24] are often labeled as New Rave due to their large following by fans of the genre, despite evolving in a different musical culture and, in some cases, a different country. M.I.A. has been described as "a new raver before it was old."cite web|url=,,2150297,00.html|title=Blog Rockin' Beats|publisher="The Guardian"|date=2007-08-18|accessdate=2008-05-12] Several have publicly declared they have nothing to do with the genre. Indeed, even Klaxons have declared they are not New Rave, describing it as a "joke that’s got out of hand.""Entertainment Wise". November 1, 2006; [ Klaxons: We're Not New Rave] ; retrieved March 31, 2007] "Popworld interview". April 13th, 2007; [ Music News] ; Retrieved April 14th, 2007] "The Guardian". February 3, 2007; [,,2004020,00.html The future's bright...] ; retrieved March 31, 2007]

In their review of the Klaxons' new album, Myths of the Near Future, the NME branded all ravers of the traditional rave scene “twats with baggy trousers”. "NME Review: Klaxons - Myths Of The Future". March 4, 2007; [ Klaxons: Myths Of The Future] ; retrieved April 02, 2007]

The New Rave scene can be viewed as a media construct, largely propounded by the "NME" and "TRAX" with other publications treating the subject as a joke. The belief that many of the bands associated with New Rave can more appropriately be associated with the genre of dance-punk has given credence to such suggestions, although differences between both genres are said to be minor and more down to aesthetics. John Harris has stated in "The Guardian" newspaper that the genre is nothing more than a "piss-poor supposed 'youthquake'" that will soon go out of fashion in the same way as rave."The Guardian". October 13, 2006; [,,1922144,00.html New Rave? Old Rubbish] ; retrieved March 31, 2007] In season 3 of the BBC comedy The Mighty Boosh, the song 'Eels' made satirical references to Nu-Rave, in an episode titled "Eels".

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