List of Boston Red Sox people

List of Boston Red Sox people

This is a list of people who have been associated with the Boston Red Sox team in Major League Baseball. Individuals who have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame are indicated with a β.

Team owners

*Charles Somers 1901-02
*Henry Killilea 1903-04
*John I. Taylor 1904-11
*Jimmy McAleer 1912-13
*Joseph Lannin 1913-16
*Harry Frazee 1917-23
*J.A. Robert Quinn 1923-33
*Tom Yawkey β 1933-76
*Jean Yawkey 1976-77
*Jean Yawkey, Haywood Sullivan, Edward "Buddy" LeRoux 1978-80
*JRY Trust, Haywood Sullivan, Edward "Buddy" LeRoux 1981-86
*JRY Trust, Haywood Sullivan 1987-93
*JRY Trust 1993-2002
*New England Sports Ventures (John W. Henry, Tom Werner and partners; Larry Lucchino, CEO) 2002-

General managers

see also Boston Red Sox managers

*Eddie Collins β 1933-47
*Joe Cronin β 1947-58
*Bucky Harris β 1959-60
*"Vacant" 1961-62 [Owner Tom Yawkey abolished the position of general manager after the 1960 season; executive vice president Dick O'Connell, the team's business manager, is listed by the 2007 Red Sox Media Guide as the team's GM-without-portfolio during 1961-62. However, "The New York Times" reported on October 1, 1960, that manager Pinky Higgins would be responsible for all player personnel decisions for the Red Sox organization, effectively serving as the team's manager/general manager. Higgins was formally named GM after the 1962 season.]
*Pinky Higgins 1962-65
*Dick O'Connell 1965-77
*Haywood Sullivan 1977-84
*Lou Gorman 1984-94
*Dan Duquette 1994-2002
*Mike Port (interim) 2002
*Theo Epstein 2002-05
*Ben Cherington and Jed Hoyer 2005-06
*Theo Epstein 2006-

Other executives

*Larry Lucchino
*Lou Gorman


The name of each individual is followed by their years as manager, then by their record, and last by any titles won with the Red Sox. The current manager is listed in bold. A name listed in "italics" indicates that the individual never managed any other major league team; otherwise, a year in italics indicates that the Dodgers were either the first or last major league team that the person managed. If there is only a single year listed in italics, it is followed by a note indicating whether the Red Sox were their first or last major league team.

see also Boston Red Sox managers

*Terry Francona, 2004-Present, 2004 World Series Champion, 2005 AL Wildcard, 2007 World Series Champion
*Grady Little, 2002-2003, 2003 AL Wild Card
*Joe Kerrigan, 2001
*Jimy Williams, 1997-2001, 1998 AL Wildcard, 1999 AL Wildcard
*Kevin Kennedy, 1995-1996, 1995 AL East Division Champion
*Butch Hobson, 1992-1994
*Joe Morgan, 1988-1991, 1988 AL East Division Champion, 1990 AL East Division Champion
*John McNamara, 1985-1988, 1986 AL Champion
*Ralph Houk, 1981-1984
*Don Zimmer, 1976-1980
*Darrell Johnson, 1974-1976, 1975 AL Champion
*Eddie Kasko, 1970-1973
*Dick Williams β, 1967-1969, 1967 AL Champion
*Billy Herman β, 1964-1966
*Johnny Pesky, 1963-1964
*Pinky Higgins, 1955-1959, 1960-1962
*Billy Jurges, 1959-1960
*Lou Boudreau β, 1952-1954
*Steve O'Neill, 1950-1952
*Joe McCarthy β, 1948-1950
*Joe Cronin β, 1935-1947
*Bucky Harris β, 1934
*Marty McManus, 1932-1933
*Shano Collins, 1931-1932
*Heinie Wagner, 1930
*Lee Fohl, 1924-1926
*Frank Chance β, 1923
*Hugh Duffy β, 1921-1922
*Ed Barrow β, 1918-1920
*Jack Barry, 1917
*Bill Carrigan, 1913-1916, 1927-1929
*Jake Stahl, 1912-1913
*Patsy Donovan, 1910-1911
*Fred Lake, 1908-1909
*Deacon McGuire, 1908



Television stations

*WBZ-TV (1948-1956, 1972-1974, 2003-2005)
*WNAC-TV 7 (1948-1956)
*WHDH-TV (1957-1971)
*WSBK-TV (1975-1996, 2003-2005)
*NESN (1984-present)
*WABU-TV (1997-1996)
*WLVI-TV (1999)
*WFXT-TV (2000-2002)

Radio stations

*WNAC-AM (1926-1938, 1942-1946)
*WAAB-AM (1938-1942)
*WHDH-AM (1947-1975)
*WMEX-AM (1976-1977)
*WITS-AM (1978-1982)
*WRKO (1983-1994, 2007-current)
*WPLM-FM (1983-1989)
*WEEI-AM/FM (1995-2006, simulcast of WRKO 2007-present)


See also List of Boston Red Sox broadcasters

*Fred Hoey (1925-1938)
*Frankie Frisch β (1939)
*Tom Hussey (1939-1954)
*Jim Britt (1940-1950)
*Leo Egan 1949-1950)
*Curt Gowdy (1951-1965)
*Bob Delaney (1951-1953)
*Bob Murphy (1954-1959)
*Bill Crowley (1957-1960)
*Don Gillis (1957)
*Art Gleeson (1960-1964)
*Ned Martin (1961-1992)
*Mel Parnell (1965-1968)
*Ken Coleman (1966-1974, 1979-1989)
*Johnny Pesky (1969-1974)
*Dave Martin (1972-1974)
*John McLean (1972)
*Jim Woods (1974-1978)
*Dick Stockton (1975-1978)
*Ken Harrelson (1975-1980)
*Rico Petrocelli (1979)
*Jon Miller (1980-1982)
*Bob Montgomery (1982-1995)
*Joe Castiglione (1983-present)
*Kent Der Divanis (1984)
*Mike Andrews (1984)
*Jerry Remy (1988-present)
*Sean McDonough (1988-2004)
*Bob Starr (1990-1992)
*Bob Kurtz (1993-2000)
*Jerry Trupiano (1993-2006)
*Don Orsillo (2001-present)
*J.P. Villamán - Bo Sox Spanish voice (1994-2005)
*Dave O'Brien (2007)
*Glenn Geffner (2007)


The name of each player is followed by the position they primarily played with the Red Sox – which may be different from the position they primarily played during their career – and then by their years with the team, and finally by any major awards won while with the Red Sox. Players currently with the team are listed in bold. A name listed in "bold and italics" indicates that the individual is a first year player with the Red Sox or a rookie. Names in just "italics" are the players who have "defected" to the New York Yankees.

See also Boston Red Sox all-time roster

*"Roger Clemens", P, 1984-1996
*Tim Wakefield, P, 1995-
*Nomar Garciaparra, SS, 1996-2004
*Trot Nixon, OF, 1996-2006
*Jason Varitek, C, 1997-
*Derek Lowe, P, 1997-2004
*Pedro Martínez, P, 1998-2004
*"Johnny Damon", CF, 2001-2005
*Doug Mirabelli, C, 2001-2005, 2006-
*Hideo Nomo, P, 2001
*Manny Ramírez, LF, 2001-2008
*Bronson Arroyo, P, 2003-2005
*Kevin Millar, 1B, 2003-2005
*David Ortiz, DH, 2003-
*Mike Timlin, P, 2003-
*Mark Bellhorn, 2B, 2004-2005
*Keith Foulke, P, 2004-2006
*"Mike Myers", P, 2004-2005
*Curt Schilling, P, 2004-
*Kevin Youkilis, 1B/3B, 2004-
*Alex Cora, IF, 2005-
*Matt Clement, P, 2005-
*Manny Delcarmen, P, 2005-
*Jonathan Papelbon, P, 2005-
*Josh Beckett, P, 2006-
*Coco Crisp, CF, 2006-
*Álex González, SS, 2006
*Javier López, P, 2006-
*Mark Loretta, 2B, 2006
*Mike Lowell, 3B, 2006-
*Eric Hinske, 1B/OF, 2006-
*Dustin Pedroia, 2B, 2006-
*Wily Mo Peña, OF, 2006-
*Kyle Snyder, P, 2006-
*Julian Tavarez, P, 2006-
*"Brendan Donnelly", P, 2007-
*"J. D. Drew", RF, 2007-
*"Daisuke Matsuzaka", P, 2007-
*"Hideki Okajima", P, 2007-
*"Joel Piñeiro", P, 2007-

Other noteworthy individuals

Celebrity fans

*Ben Affleck, actor/writer/director/producer [ [,,628090,00.html Affleck Jokes As He Helps Boston Red Sox - Ben Affleck : ] ] [ [ Boston Red Sox - Bad-news bearers - The Boston Globe ] ]
*Steve Carell, Actor [ [ CENTER FIELD :: Pigs Fly: Manny Speaks! On A Talk Show! ] ]
*Michael Chiklis, Actor [ [ Boston Red Sox - Fans of Rockies roll on - The Boston Globe ] ] [ [ Michael Chiklis Picture, Profile, Gossip, and News at ] ]
*Dane Cook, comedian [ [ The actor-comic on his passion for the Red Sox] ]
*Rob Corddry, comedian/former Daily Show correspondent [ [ Rob Corddry: Paintball Wizard] ]
*Matt Damon, actor/writer [ [ Matt Damon (Red Sox Fan) Taunts David Letterman (Yankee Fan) - FanHouse - AOL Sports Blog ] ]
*The Farrelly Brothers [ [ The Official Site of The Boston Red Sox: News: Farrelly brothers chat with fans ] ]
*Jennifer Garner, actress [ [ Chowdaheads-Ever thought of becoming a Golf Club?: Jennifer Garner: the Red Sox quiz ] ]
*Jake Gyllenhaal [cite episode | title= | series=The Daily Show with Jon Stewart | serieslink=The Daily Show | airdate=2007-10-17 | number= [ 12133] ]
*Stephen King, author [ [ Boston Red Sox - Why the Red Sox finally won the World Series - The Boston Globe ] ] [Faithful: Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season ISBN 0743267524]
*Denis Leary, comedian [ [ The Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Collector's Edition: Movies & TV: Curt Schilling,Manny Ramírez ] ] [ [ Red Sox MasterCard Commercial Featuring Denis Leary ] ]
*Dropkick Murphys [] [ [ Scorsese, Red Sox put Dropkick Murphys on center stage - ] ]
*Conan O'Brien, talk show host [ [ The Official Site of The Boston Red Sox: News: Manny, Papi hit late-night circuit ] ]
*Mike O'Malley, comedian [ [ MLB Postseason Blog - Boston Red Sox - MLB - Yahoo! Sports ] ]
*Eliza Dushku actress
*John Cena wrestler/actor
*Michael Feeney the biggest Red Sox Fan


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