The Tiruvelukkai Divya Desam is one among the 108 Divya desam which is located in the temple town of Kanchipuram. It is said to be the lord favourite place.

The temple

The Moolavar here is Azhagiyasingar or Mukunda Nayakar in a standing posture facing East, while the Thaayaar here is Velukkaivalli or Amritavalli. This Temple has a three tiered rajagopuram and a single prakaram. There are also shrines to Aandaal and the Azhwars.


It is believed that Narasimhar while in his Hastisaila cave (the Attigiri sanctum hill in the Varadharaja Perumaal Temple, with the cave shrine to Narasimhar), manifested himself yet again as Narasimhar, and proceeded westward to banish the asura demons from the vicinity, where he stood in the posture of Yoga Narasimha, in what is known now as Thiruvelukkai. The word Vel means desire; since Narasimha, out of desire for this place, resided here, this shrine is known as Thiruvelukkai.Legend also has it that Bhrigu muni was blessed with a vision of Narasimha at this shrine.

Azhagiyasingar Mahatyam

Lord here has manifested himself out of desire (vel means desire) in order to save his devotees. Hence by praying here, one could fulfill their wish with the help of Lord's blessings. Vedanta Desika has sung about this sthalam in his 'Kamaasi Ashtakam' (kaama + asika - standing on his own wish).


Puliyodharai(Tamarind Rice), Dhadhyonam(Curd Rice), Pongal, Chakkarai Pongal, Vada, Adhirasam, Murukku are offered to Lord as Prasadam.

Darshan, Sevas and Festivals

The Annual festival is held on Tamil month of Margazi in great glory.


Thirumangai Alvar , Peyalvar have composed beautiful Paasurams on Lord Azhagiyasingar and his consort Amrithavalli Thayaar. It is one of the compositions in Naalayira Divya Prabandha.

Easy to Learn Paasuram

Paasuram - I

"Sirantha Vensinthaiyum Sengan Aravum"

"Niraintha Seer Neel Kacchiyullum Urainthathuvum"

"Vengadamum Veqkaavum Velukkai Paadiyume"

"Thaam Kadavaar Thanduzaa Yaar!"

Paasuram - II

"Andru Ivvulakam Alantha Asaivekol"

"Nindrirunthu Velukkai Neenakarvaay Andru"

"Kidanthaanai Kedil Seeraanai Mun Kancai"

"Kadanthaanai Nenchame! Kaan! "

Travel and Stay

There are many lodges at Kanchipuram and also bus facility available.

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